Friday, May 16, 2014


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014



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Friday, May 9, 2014

Scribe Period Four 5/9/14

Today in class was a work day to finish up our speeches as some of us present starting Monday. We started off by collecting any Brand New World books or any other books that we still have. The presentation part of our speech has to be shared with Ms. Smith before we go so everyone can see it. We link the presentation to our name from the daily agenda on the class webpage. In the beginning of our speech we need an attention getter to start off such as a video or something that would engage the audience. To start off Smith told us that two pages of a non-double spaced paper would be five minutes as a starting point but could vary depending on how fast we talk and other things. Our speeches will be video taped and we are able to use or phone and have the Google Drive app up while we are presenting to prepare our selves as long we aren't reading straight from it as we will be docked points.


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wednesday May 7

Today Mrs. Smith welcomed us as always.
"Hello class" "Hello Mrs.Smith"

Mrs. Smith started class off by showing a Ted talk called "Faking it" If you were not in class I strongly suggest you take the time to watch, pull some of those ideas out of her speech and use them to prepare for your speech. After watching, we talked as a class how none of us want to see any one fail while giving there presentation. We all have something important to say so we need to show respect and listen to one another. Smile in the audience show you are paying attention.

Also, remember that you must dress up on the day of your presentation, and have your visuals or what ever you are using for your speech shared on a jump drive or email to Mrs. Smith the day of your presentation.

We then just had a work day and got focused on our speech make sure you are practicing and ready to give a 5 minute speech on the day you go. Create and outline, note-card, whatever is going to work to prepare you to go next week.  Be confident and ready to go next week! Friday will also be another work day, bring in pictures or whatever you need to make it another productive day!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

Today Mrs. Smith greeted us like always. “Hello class”
“Hello Mrs. Smith”
We began class by talking about the rubric for our last lecture speech, We briefly went over some of the information on the rubric.
  • Must dress up on day of your presentation. Guys: Suits and ties. Ladies: Skirts dresses, no plastic flip flops.

Email/ upload pictures for Wednesday to google drive that connect to all three parts of last lecture. These picture must connect and flow with presentation. We will have in class time to work Wednesday and Friday, Use your time wisely.
We also signed up for days to present if you were absent see Mrs. Smith to sign up for a day. Seniors will be going Monday and Wednesday of next week. Juniors will be going Friday.
Also everyones grades should be up to date by the end of this week so check and make sure everything is in.

We then started our discussion to finish up A Brave New World:
Key points in the discussion….

* Why did Huxley decide to kill John?
* WHy would John Whip himself?
* Human Sacrifice from John?
* What is freedom?
* In society today do you see robotic problems?? Do we move by bells and time?
* College prep in elementary school… Are younger generations maturing faster than others?
* Kids feel like they have to go to certain schools?
* Do parents give their kids advantages in school and sports?
* Is there a higher being?  Is there’s Ford?  
*When did John come to the relaxation of who he has become?
* What was the real experiment?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Friday May 2nd

We spent the whole period in the journalism room to work on our Manifesto. Everybody kept working on their Manifesto's, and for the most part, everybody finished.  If you did not finish, the completed printed out version is due Monday May 5th.   Homework the weekend is to read and annotate Chapters 17-18, and to have one page printed off of questions, quotations, connections, for the Socratic discussion on 13-18 on Monday.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scribe Period 4: April 30th

Today was a PLC day so we had a shortened class period. We spent the whole period in the journalism room to work on our Manifesto. We learned some basics of how to use InDesign such as making text boxes, changing transparency, changing fonts and sizes, and how to rearrange our text. Everyone was told to save their manifesto in the documents section with their name as the title. You will probably need to go in the journalism room during an off hour to work on it before Friday. Friday will be the last day to work on it in class. It is due May 5th and needs to be printed off. The newspaper and yearbook staff will be in there to help you, feel free to ask questions if you need help! Make sure you also see Ms. Smith if you have any other questions. Homework for tonight is to read and annotate Chapters 15-16. Make sure you have all annotations done from the previous chapters since Ms. Smith will check them on Friday.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

First Hour April 23, 2014

We had a shortened class because of the ACT test in the morning. Smith checked our annotations for chapters 7 and 8, and we had a free class period to work on our manifesto or responding to Mr. D's blog.

For homework:

  • Read and annotate chapters 9 and 10. 
  • Bring a printed copy of your manifesto sayings.
  • Bring magazines to cut up

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scribe 4th Hour 4/23/14

Today was the ACT so we had very short classes. Because of this, we did not have time for a full class. Instead, we had a free choice work day where you could read or work on your manifesto sayings. Smith also checked our annotations for 7-8.

Homework: Read and annotate chapters 9-10, Finish your manifesto sayings and bring a printed copy for Monday (requirements are on the agenda), bring magazines to cut up on Friday

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday 4/21/14 4th hour

On Monday, we began class by checking for "entry tickets" and had a short discussion about where we were in the book. During the Socratic, we discussed basically five main points. We discussed the caste system found in the book, we discussed the idea of fitting in or being an outcast in this society, we discussed how much the government should reveal to its people, we discussed the idea of indecency (nurturing mother v. Sex), and we discussed if the society in the novel is mostly happy because they have nothing to compare it to.

For homework that is due Wednesday, your LL manifesto needs to be typed. It can include sayings, quotes, ideas, or words.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday April 18th Period 1

Class began with Mrs. Smith going over upcoming due dates and welcoming everyone to class. Soon after each group presented their montage and we were given some time to work on our entry tickets.
Homework:LL manifesto, read chapters 7-8 and annotate, have entry ticket ready for Monday's fishbowl. For further information reference the Web page

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday April 16 Period 4

Class started with it's usual greetings and proceeded on to the homework and class schedule. Mrs. Smith then informed us that there will be a 50 point discussion over chapters 1-8 on Monday and warned us not to ditch because it can not be made up! She then went over homework, checked our annotations over chapters 1-4 for "Brave New World" and gave us the rest of the time to work on our group montages, which are due Friday.

  • Read and annotate chapters 5-6 for Friday.
  • Finish montage assignment and be ready to present on Friday.
  • Work on your LL part 3:Manefesto.
 Righter’s Strong meeting at 6:00 PM on Monday, April 20th at Solid Grounds.

Wednesday, April 16 Period 1

After the greeting from Mrs. Smith, Class began with a little warning directed toward the seniors. Mrs. Smith described how “coincidentally” there is a class discussion on Monday that CANNOT be made up if missed. Monday just so happens to be senior ditch day, so take precaution. (Tip from Mrs. Smith: If you are going to ditch, don’t be wussy and have your parents call you out. Face the consequences!) After this short discussion, we briefly discussed our homework (listed below), and worked the rest of the period on our Brave New World montage projects, which included practice acting out the montages.

Montage project- Use Chapter 3 of Brave New World to come up with a montage of quotes that shows satire in your given topic. The quotes are aimed to represent society’s attitude toward your specific topic. Remember, since the library is closed, we are NOT recording our montages, but instead acting them out in front of the class. Remember to bring a copy of your script to give to Mrs. Smith.

Homework: Finish montage project by Friday, Read and annotate chapters 5-6 by Friday (Annotations will be checked), Continue working on your Last Lecture Manifesto

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April 14th- Period 1

            Today we started class finishing up our projects that we started on Friday. We were working in groups to create a picture of the rooms in the first two chapters of A Brave New World. After spending 10 minutes or so finishing up some drawing each group presented in order of how the rooms were presented in the book. We identified some themes such as repetition and some of the things Huxley was satirizing such as our education system and the need for uniformity.
            We were then introduced to a new project due Friday. The project is a montage created through fraises pulled out of Chapter 3. This project is a group project and will be based on the theme you chose on the board in class. The other homework is to read chapters 5 and 6 for Wednesday and to continue work on your Last Lecture manifesto.

Monday, April 14th

Today, class began as always with, "Hello, Smith!" We then moved right into our homework assignments. For class on Wednesday, chapters 5-6 of Brave New World are due with annotations. There will also be a montage assignment due Friday. Also, keep working on your Last Lecture manifesto! Today, we presented our posters from last Friday and discussed the satirical meaning behind each room represented in Brave New World. Mrs. Smith also explained the montage project. We got into groups of 3 or 4 and chose an idea represented in Brave New World. As a group, you have to pick different quotes from Brave New World that represent your idea, similar to what happened in chapter 3.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Period 4, April 11th

We began this class period by revisiting the satire articles that we looked at in groups on Monday, and handed them into Smith. We spent the rest of the class period creating posters based on what we read in Chapters 1 and 2 of Brave New World. We had to get into groups of 2-3 and each choose a room that was described in the chapters we read, the seven rooms were:

  1. The Fertilizing Room
  2. The Bottling Room
  3. The Social Predestination Room
  4. The Embryo Store
  5. The Bokanovsky Process
  6. The Infant Nurseries and Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Room
  7. Dormitories 
We each received a green handout with detailed instructions of the assignment, but basically we had to draw the room we chose and describe it, labeling each stage in the process. We had to be sure nothing we depicted was offensive, and make sure everything was accurate, complete and visually appealing. The purpose of this was to get an idea of what the London hatchery is all about, and to see the process of standardization in the New World. We will be presenting the posters on Monday. This activity took us until the end of class.

  • Read Chapters 3-4 of Brave New World and annotate for connections to the essential question: to what extent does a creator have responsibility towards its creation; what what point does a creation assume responsibility for itself?, any questions you have, and extensions to other pieces
  • If you did not finish in class, finish off your poster and be ready to present on Monday
Have a good weekend! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scribe Period 4 April 9th

When we walked in to class today we had a substitute teacher who took attendance and then gave us our instructions for the day. Today was a shortened class period because of PLC. During this class period all we did was work on our reading assignment. Chapters 1 and 2 should be read and annotated by this Friday. Annotations should connect to the essential question (To what extent does a creator have responsibility towards its creation; at what point does a creation assume responsibility for itself?) Homework is to finish the reading assignment and start working on LL 3: Manifesto. If you need help with your LL 3, make sure to meet with Smith during an off hour.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4th Hour 4/2/14

We began the day with the usual greeting of hellos, and jumped right back into watching the movie Stranger Than Fiction.  We did not finish the whole movie, so we will finish watching it on Friday.  We have a summary response on the film due Monday, April 7th.  This is just like the ones we did first semester, except this one has to connect to Dorian Gray, and our Essential Question.

We also have our Last Lecture Part 2 due on Friday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

1st hour - April 2, 2014

Today in class we continued to watch Stranger Than Fiction. We will finish up the movie on Friday.

We have a summary response due Monday connecting the movie and Dorian Gray to our central questions: To what extent does a creator have for its creation? At what point does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?

Our Last Lecture part 2 is due on Friday.

Friday, March 21, 2014

English 1st Period March 21, 2014

Today we came into class with a substitute sitting at Smith's desk. Her name was Ms. Boldman and as usual with every substitute they first take attendance and then explained what the rest of class had in store for us. Reading from her sheet she said to work on the essential questions and portraits. Today is essentially a work day for class.

The homework for over spring break is to finish your portrait, it is due 3/31 which is the Monday when we come back.
Have a fun and safe Spring Break everybody!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Period 4, Wednesday March 19th

Class started off as normal where we all say hello to Smith and then she has us get our assignment notebooks out to write down our homework. We then got into an inner and outer circle for our last fishbowl on The Picture of Dorian Gray. We discussed and blogged about chapters seventeen through twenty (the end of the book). The discussion went smoothly and great questions were asked and talked about. If you need to make up the fishbowl, go to the blog discussion called Dorian Gray 17-end Period 4 and read through our live blog comments. Once you have done that email your comments to Smith to receive credit.

- Make up fishbowl if needed
- Respond to essential question and attach to self portrait(s). Smith recommends being completely done by Friday that way you have a homework free spring break. The final self portrait(s) is due the Monday after spring break, March 31st. 
- Work on LL part two, Lasting Legacy to Arapahoe. If you have not had a conference with Smith yet, make sure to do that as soon as possible!

Period 1, Wednesday March 19

Today we began class and everyone came to the realization that we once again did not have donuts. Mrs. Smith had us get out our assignment notebooks and we wrote down the homework. (which is listed below) We then jumped right into the fishbowl over 17-20, which seemed to be lacking members. Nonetheless, it went very smoothly and we spent the rest of the hour live-blogging and having a fishbowl discussion over the ending of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Friday we will work on finishing up our portrait projects, however remember that it is a slightly short period due to the assembly, so take this into account.

For Friday:

  • Work more on your portrait- Add essential question connections (The entire thing is due the Monday we get back from Spring break, but try to get it done by Friday)
  • Keep working on LL2, Lasting Legacies (Due the Friday we get back from break)

English Literature: Monday, March 17, 2014

Today was a fairly simple day in class. Ms. Smith checked our vices and virtues pieces for our self portraits and we worked on the portraits for the rest of class.

Dorian Gray 17-end Period 4


Dorian Gray 17-end Period 1


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friday March 14, 1st period Scribe

Class started with a quick check over our vices and virtues as well as a run threw of what the rest of the Dorian Grey project will look like:
  • Monday will be a work day for the regrets portion of the project 
  • Presentations will begin the week after spring break
The rest of the class consisted of a fish bowl for  chapters 13-16

  • prepare regrets for Monday's work day
  • read chapters 17-18 (fish bowl will be on Wednesday)
  • Work on LL 2 (Schedule LL conference if needed)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dorian Gray 13-16 Period 4


Dorian Gray 13-16 Period 1


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Class Blog 3/10/2014 Tyler Ryan

     Today we started our class period off the normal way, we first went over our homework whats coming up in class stuff like that.

     Next Mrs. Smith went around the room checking people objects of influence home work and explanations that were due

    After that we watched a video of Gratitude and it was a very interesting video and it teaches you to do nice things for people because it makes you feel better.

    Another thing we did was have a fishbowl on Dorian Grey Chapters 9-12 

    After our fishbowl we only had a couple minutes left in class so we were allowed to talk with one another until the bell rang.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dorian Gray 9-12 Period 4


Dorian Gray 9-12 Period 1


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday March 5, Period 4

               Mrs. Smith was gone today, so we did not begin class with the traditional hellos.  Instead, Ms. Davidson welcomed us into fourth hour!

               In the beginning of class, Ms. Davidson said that she was thankful she can substitute for us because she was anxious to see what we were doing with our projects.  After this brief talk about our projects, we talked about parent teacher conferences.  We were instructed to write a parent teacher conference letter (Click on the highlighted portion for the link).  We are writing the letters because Smith wants us to lead our conversations at conferences.  The letters give our conversations an outline to follow. 

               After we spent about 15 minutes writing the letter we changed our focus to our Dorian Gray projects.  Everyone went about their separate ways to work on attaching their objects of influence HOW OTHERS SEE IT.  We also attached explanations of those object to the back of our canvases.  Some people did not remember that the explanations for HOW OTHERS SEE those objects need to be written BY THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. 

Homework includes:
-        Finish reading Chapters 9-12
o   Fishbowl on these chapters on MONDAY
-        Work on Part 2 of Last Lecture: Lasting Legacy to AHS
-        Last Lecture Conference
-        Adding in People, Places and Things HOW OTHERS SEE IT
o   Explanations for those as well
             §  DUE MONDAY

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Period 1

Today class started not as usual, with Ms. Davidson greeting us and introducing herself as the sub. We went over the homework, which is mainly just to read (11-12) and staying up to date on the self-portrait project. Details to that can be found here.
If you have not gone in to see Smith about the first part of the Last Lecture, schedule and do that right away.

In class we worked on our parent teacher conference letters, and it's details can be found here. We then proceeded to work on our projects, attaching pictures and explanations.

If you have any questions feel free to email Smith at

And remember!! Today is National Discover What Your Name Means Day!

                                                     Keep cool and Warrior Strong!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3 Period 4

Today class started with it's usual greeting "hello class!", "Hello Smith1" and then the discussed the homework for Wednesday was discussed. We were then instructed to create a new folder on our Google Docs titled with our name and share it with Mrs. Smith through her email; a

  •  Read chapters 9-10 of " Picture of Dorian Gray"
  • Don't forget to meet with Smith About your LL and begin LL 2: Lasting Legacy at AHS
  •  Bring in people, places and things of influence- as others see it; with explanations
  • And objects of influence and as you see it with their explanations.

Dorian Gray 5-8 Period 4


Dorian Gray 5-8 Period 1


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dorian Gray 1-4 Period 1


Dorian Gray 1-4 Period 4


Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24 Period 4

Today in class, the medium, your selfies (one how society sees you and the other how you see yourself), and the reading of chapters 1-2 of "The Picture of Dorian Grey" were due. We symbolically cut up our selfies and glued them to our posters and attached them to the posters. We also used class time to type up our selfie explanations

 -Come prepared for a Fishbowl on Wednesday over Chapters 1-4. If you are a presenter you will need a list of questions and a summary over the chapters read, printed out and ready to hand in. 
-Read Chapters 3-4 
-Meet with Smith for LL2
-In 3 paragraphs explain your selfies (typed). The first paragraph should explain your selfie on how you view yourself. The second paragraph should explain your selfie on how society views you. Some ideas to explain would be to discuss if your selfies are in color or black/white, if there is a size difference, if they are zoomed in on your face or if you are a part of the background etc.. Then the third and last paragraph should explain how you decided to cut up the selfies THIS IS DUE FRIDAY

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday 2-21-14 Period 1

Hello everybody!

Here's our wonderful homework: For Monday, read and annotate The Picture of Dorian Gray chapters 1-2. Also, you need to bring in a canvas or other medium for your portrait and bring in two selfies: one of how you see yourself, the other is how society sees you (you may want multiple copies of each since we will be cutting them up on Monday). Think about how you can use color or the absence of color. Remember that you need to meet with Ms. Smith by the end of next week to talk about your Last Lecture!!

We got new seats today!
Then we checked in our Frankenstein books and checked out The Picture of Dorian Gray.
We received our papers from Frankenstein.
We also signed up for fishbowls for The Picture of Dorian Gray. Note: you must present and discuss at least once for each.

After all of this, we watched another SoulPancake video about Art Therapy.
As a class we assigned points to each section of our Self Portrait Final Project.

  1. Medium (Canvas) ---------- 10 pts
  2. 2 Selfies -------------------- 10 pts
  3. Cut it Up ------------------- 10 pts
  4. Explanation ----------------- 40 pts
  5. People, Places, Things (a) -- 50 pts (20 for items, 30 for explanation)
  6. People, Places, Things (b) -- 50 pts (20 for items, 30 for explanation)
  7. Vices and Virtues ----------- 20 pts
  8. Regrets --------------------- 20 pts
  9. Essential Question ---------- 40 pts
This is a grand total of 250 points for this project. It's a big deal!

Then we did a T/F activity about judging a book by it's cover.

To end class, we read the preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray and highlighted any epitaphs that stood out to us.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 21st! 4th hour

Happy Friday!

Today in class we started off by getting new seats. As we found are seats, we turned in our Frankenstein books and received a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. If you would like to still purchase a copy, you can, make sure to have it for Monday! We then discussed the outline for the Dorian Grey art project and agreed that it looked good. The link can be found here Finalize Dorian Gray final projec .While we discussed the project, Smith passed around a sign up sheet for fishbowls we will be having on our new book. The fishbowls will start on Wednesday, so make sure to see Smith and sign up if you have not.

After we were done discussing our project, we watched a video called Painting makes you happy and saw what ideas of what we could possibly use for our own self-portraits. If you would like to try what is seen in this video click this link .

For the rest of class we filled out a questionnaire and discussed our answers by going to either the true or false side of the room. Smith told us to be completely honest as we responded to the statements that she gave us. Our class had good discussions on why believed what we did.


  • Read chapters one and two of The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Answer these questions on sticky notes or in book (if it is your own copy) as you read:
    • Who is the creator?
    • Who/ what is the creation?
  • Have your medium and two selfies for Monday
    • Medium- canvas, poster, cardboard,etc.
    • Selfies- One of how others view you, and one of how you view yourself
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, Feb 19 (Period 4)

  • Agenda
  • We discussed chapters 15 and 16 then split into two groups: those that thought the monster was more like Adam and those that thought he was more like Satan. Some points made were:
    • Adam: The monster was cast away like Adam. The monster was created from parts like Adam was created from dust, each the only one of his kind. The monster has aspects of kindness and the ability to love.
    • Satan: The monster murdered a child (sin). The monster held resentment and anger towards his creator like Satan.  The monster is ugly and beastly like Satan.
  • Then we discussed to what extent a creator bears for its responsibility, and whether or not Frankenstein was  responsible for the death of his child (via the monster's actions)
  • NOTE: We did not really take a quiz, we only answered these questions.
  • Mrs. Smith collected the questions from chapters 15 and 16 (assigned Friday)

  • Complete this Student Perception Survey (Link found on the Agenda) AFTER reading the letter (link also found on the Agenda): This is student feedback for Mrs. Smith--what you think of her and this class, it is anonymous so please be honest.
  • We talked about the next unit: The Picture of Dorian Gray and the project accompanying it (there will be no quizzes for this unit, only the portrait project)

    • Read background information on Oscar Wilde (author of The Picture of Dorian Gray), two links found on the Agenda
    • Set a conference date for your Last Lecture Part 1 and record in Mrs. Smith's planner.
      • Mrs. Smith's off hours: MWF: 6th hour.  TR: 1st, 4th, 6th hour
    • Obtain a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray over the weekend and read chapters 1 and 2 by Monday
    • Take two selfies: one that shows who you are and one that shows how others view you, and print them out big enough to fit on your canvas or poster, due Monday*
    • Purchase one or two canvases or posters by Monday*
      • *NOTE: If you are confused about these 2 homework items, please refer to the Self Portrait Project and if you are still confused, ask Mrs. Smith on Friday

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We started off class discussing chapters 15-16 trying to figure out who was more like Adam from Genesis: Dr. Frankenstein or the monster? We also discussed: who was the creator?  and who was the creation?

We also took a small “quiz” that drove discussion. Those questions included:

  • Presuming that Frankenstein is a creator, do you consider Frankenstein's creation to be more like Adam or Satan?  Use specific evidence to support your opinion. Is there some level of responsibility owed by the creator towards its creation?  Explain.
  • Give one name the creature is called.
  • How does the creature learn to speak and read?
  • What book touched the creature the most?
  • What is the creature's plan with the DeLacey family that gives him hope?
  • What ends up happening to the DeLacey family as a result of the creature?

  • After our discussion, we took a survey to evaluate Mrs. Smith and her class. The link can be found on her class agenda.
  • We started to read some background information on Oscar Wilde. Links can be found on her class agenda.
  • After that we started discussing a self-portrait project about taking "selfies" to reveal things about ourselves. In the first part, it is supposed to be about how society views us. Then we use those pictures to show how we view ourselves. We then need to add influences in our life to our portrait.Then we have to talk to people that have influenced us. Those people have to give us an object to put on our portrait. Then we have to add things that represent some of our best qualities.

  • Schedule a conference with Ms. Smith to discuss a transition to your next paper for your last lecture.
  • Read Wilde background articles online (links can be found on the class agenda)
  • Get a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • think of what materials you need for Friday
  • Bring your "Canvas" for monday

REVIEW GUIDING QUESTION: “to what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? when does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?”

Erica Blair

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, Period 1, Andrei Williams

Today we started off the class by watching a video on gratitude which showed how showing gratitude increased levels of happiness in people. Then we turned in our Last Lectures which were due. Next we talked about chapters 10-13 and the four questions that we were assigned to answer.

  • What does Frankenstein want to do when he first meets his creation again?
  • What does the creature ask Frankenstein to do initially?
  • After being driven from the village, where does the creature finally settle?
  • Name one thing the creature does to secretly help people in the village.

For the rest of class we just started reading chapters 15-16.
Homework is to read those two chapters and answer this question: Presuming that Frankenstein is a creator, do you consider Frankenstein's creation to be more like Adam or Satan?  Use specific evidence to support your opinion. Is there some level of responsibility owed by the creator towards its creation?  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Today is Friday, February 14th. Today in Mrs. Smith's fourth hour English Literature class we began class by handing in our last lecture part 1 assignments that were due today. Once they were all turned in and everyone was in their seat, Mrs. Smith walked around class and handed out kisses to the students who completed the reading questions over chapters 10-13 of Frankenstein ;) (chocolate candies). For about the first twenty minutes of class we went over these questions as a class and discussed the answers. Once we went over all the questions we watched a video called Day of Gratitude and it was a very enjoyable video to say the least. When the video ended we used the remainder of class to read chapter 15. We finished chapter 15 with 15 minutes of class left and Smith gave us the choice of either reading chapter 16, or answer the following question which is homework for when we get back to class on Wednesday which is "Do you consider Frankenstein's creation to be more like Adam, or Satan? use specific evidence (quotes) to support your opinion." Also homework for Wednesday is to complete reading over chapter 16.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday February 12 period 1 Scribe Sam G

Today there were no donuts again (My fault) but there will be on Friday for valentines day.
We went over the homework which was to read chapters 10-13 in Frankenstein and answer 4 questions about those chapters. We also have our first part of our Last Lecture, childhood dreams due Friday. Here is a link to the homework and the questions for 10-13.

In class we got into small groups to discuss our sticky notes on the question: why does Frankenstein not tell us the secret to animating human flesh? that were due today from chapters 3-5. We then discussed these as a class. We then answered 7 questions on chapters 3-5 in our groups, (these questions can be found through either of the above links) and turned them in. We then discussed these questions as a class. Then Ms. Smith gave us a choice to either start reading chapters 10-13 or to get out laptops and work on our Last Lecture part 1's. That's what happened today.