Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16 Period 1

After the greeting from Mrs. Smith, Class began with a little warning directed toward the seniors. Mrs. Smith described how “coincidentally” there is a class discussion on Monday that CANNOT be made up if missed. Monday just so happens to be senior ditch day, so take precaution. (Tip from Mrs. Smith: If you are going to ditch, don’t be wussy and have your parents call you out. Face the consequences!) After this short discussion, we briefly discussed our homework (listed below), and worked the rest of the period on our Brave New World montage projects, which included practice acting out the montages.

Montage project- Use Chapter 3 of Brave New World to come up with a montage of quotes that shows satire in your given topic. The quotes are aimed to represent society’s attitude toward your specific topic. Remember, since the library is closed, we are NOT recording our montages, but instead acting them out in front of the class. Remember to bring a copy of your script to give to Mrs. Smith.

Homework: Finish montage project by Friday, Read and annotate chapters 5-6 by Friday (Annotations will be checked), Continue working on your Last Lecture Manifesto

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