Friday, January 31, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Period 4

In the beginning of class we went over our homework. Which was to read The Two Gallants packet but it's not due Friday but if we wanted to get a jump start we could. For the Two Gallants packet we have to find the seven deadly sins and color code them.
  • Greed 
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Envy 
  • Gluttony
  • Wrath 
  • Pride 
When ever we find an example of one of the deadly sins we have to highlight it with the corresponding color.
We also have a blog post due Friday before class on What are the greatest wrongs a society or an individual can commit? During class we finished reading Dante Canto 3, 4 and we got part way through Canto 5. 
  • Blog-Due Friday
  • Two Gallants packet-Due Monday

Greatest Wrongs

What are some of the greatest wrongs society can commit? an individual can commit?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday 27, 2014. period 4

In the beginning of class Mrs. Smith wanted all of us to sit on the floor around her desk, to compare Dantes Hell and Churches Hell. We layered out what we thought  how the layers of hell would be in modern days.  Afterwards, we got into groups, read the introduction of The Divine Comedy, and did a quiz on Dantes background. Then, as a class we started to read the first Chapter (canto1) of Dante Alighieri, till canto 3 of the beginning of introduction. We will continue reading the rest next class.
HW: LL part-1
* if you do not know what to do with your last lecture then you can go to the class website and click on Smith's last lecture 1 . this is an example that can help you. :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday January 24, 2014 Hour 4

When we first walked into class today we turned in our summary and response for Hell on her desk. Once class started we went over what our homework was for the weekend. The only thing we had was Smith wants us to finish the first part of our last lecture, which is the early childhood, by monday even though it is not truly due till Feb. 14. She also talked about how next week we will be taking a quiz on Dante's Inferno so we should look back over the notes we have.
 Once we were finished talking about the work to come we moved on to what we spent the majority of the class on. Today we spent the time taking notes and digging into Dante's Inferno. All of the notes that we took came from a website about Dante's story. The website we looked at is at this site we went through the introduction until it lead us to the main page. On the main page you click the tree and that is where we started. You take notes on each of the stages/ circles of Hell. For example, for the tree page you go through each of the animals and take notes about what they are and how they are related to Hell. Then once you are finished will all of the tabs in that group, you then move to The Vestibule. This is the part that is starting the journey into Hell. For each circle you take notes on who lives there and what happens in that circle. You also have to take notes on the kind of punishment that occurs and know why a person in that circle deserved that punishment. You keep doing this till you reach the ninth level. In the ninth level is where the Devil is. You still need to take the same kind of notes in this circle and know why Dante sees it the way he does. We finished taking notes after we talked about the devil and that is when class ended.
 Thanks! ~Megan Lampard

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday, January 17th 2014, Period 4

Friday, January 17th 2014, Period 4

Class began with Smith going over the homework for the weekend. The homework assignment is to complete another summary response, due Friday, January 24. This summary response will be in regards to movie clips, songs, and painting that we will look at in the classes to come. Each will be depictions of Hell. Detailed instructions on how to write a summary response, as well as the names of the directors of the movies can be found on Smith's webpage
The only other homework is to be working on your Last Lecture, due February 14th.

Some other notices: Smith provided computers for us to use to take notes on, and they will continue to be available to us. 

The rest of class time was spent watching clips from movies that we can use to write our summary responses on. Every movie showed a new depiction of Satan and Hell, and our task was to find continuing themes, and what stood out in each film. Some of the movies we watched were, Legend, Bedazzled, Devil's Advocate and "Hell on Earth 2006" South Park. In between each movie we discussed the things that we noticed. Some things we discussed included...
  • Different features/characteristics of Satan- horns, red in appearance, menacing, selfish, evil, conniving
  • The way hell is depicted- a place of sin, darkness, torture, sadness, where evil resides
  • That there is evil/darkness in all of us
  • Innocence is what maintains goodness in people
  • Selfishness leads to evil/ selflessness destroys evil
  • We ultimately choose our fates
  • Satan can appear as a friend, as someone who is helping, but in actual fact is bringing out the darkness in us
Michelle Sosnowski

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday, January 13th 1st Hour

We started off the first week of our new semester with the usual greeting from Ms. Smith.
Right away we went over the upcoming homework which can be found here.
-Begin working on our own Last Lecture: Part one due 2/14
-Summary Response to Randy Pausch's Last Lecture: Due this Friday, 1/17

We went over what a summary response is composed of, which can also be found with the previous homework here.

The sign-up sheets for Scribes and Donut Day were passed around and filled out as well.

We finished off class by resuming Randy Pausch's Last Lecture video and taking notes.

Calvin L

Monday, January 13: 4th Hour

We continued watching Randy Pausch's Last Lecture where he explained his childhood dreams and how he achieved them and how he enabled other people's childhood dreams (especially through the Alice program he and a colleague developed.)

The link to watch Pausch's Last Lecture can be found in the Agenda.

We also reviewed the make up of a Summary Response. Notes for this can be found on the Agenda as well (click above link).


  • Begin writing your own Last Lecture (Part one, "Growing Up", is due February 14th)
  • Summary Response for Randy Pausch's Last Lecture is due on Friday (We will finish up the video on Wednesday) The Summary Response should be about one page long, again, view slides on the agenda for a guideline.