Friday, December 6, 2013

Period 1, December 6th, English Lit, Andrei Williams

Today we started the class by receiving our Hamlet essays back. Next we got into groups of 3-4 and discussed the dramatic ironies we did for homework as Mrs. Smith checked them. Then we discussed them as a class. Next we read a little more of Oedipus (pages 34-49) and discussed adjectives to describe him.
- Paranoid
- Short-tempered
- Cocky
We also discussed how Oedipus and his mother/wife tell the same story about how the previous king was killed. Oedipus starts to realize he might have killed the previous king. They will bring the one witness who saw the murder to testify what happened.
In addition, we broke down the meaning of the chorus chant on pages 48-49 by paragraphs.
- Do Gods have power if no one believes in them?

Homework for monday is to write 3 adjectives with quotes describing Oedipus.
Have a good weekend :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Period 4, Nov. 22nd, Scribe: Vania Arevalo

Today in class, we spent the whole period working on our Hamlet essays. If you do not get it finished in class today, then it is due when we return from Thanksgiving break on Monday, December  2nd. You will get the best grade if you follow this: outline for essay. You need to follow this outline, it is there to help you!

When we get back from Thanksgiving break, we will have finished our Hamlet unit and we will begin reading Oedipus Rex for the next two weeks. After that it is finals week!! For our final, we will be having a big fishbowl with the whole class on Life of Pi and Hamlet, and how they connect.

If you need any more help, Mrs. Smith always has all the information on her webpage in the daily agenda.

Hour One - November 22, 2013 Michael Vartuli

Today in class, we kept busy writing our essay over Hamlet. Keep in mind, this essay is due December 2nd so make sure to manage your time well this break so you aren't forced to do it the Sunday before its due!

William brought doughnuts for our class so next time you see him give him a big high-5!

Once we get back from break, be prepared to dive into Oedipus for two weeks or so!

Keep in mind that our final for this class will be December 17th so start thinking about how Hamlet connects to Life of Pi.

If you have any questions on the essay, feel free to look on Ms. Smith's webpage. The link for today's agenda is:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hamlet Act 5 Fishbowl Period 4


Hamlet Act 5 Fishbowl Period 1


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013 scribe period 1

We had donuts and a fishbowl today. The fishbowl was over acts 3 & 4. Here is a link to the blog.

Here is the link to the homework.

Hamlet Act 4 Fishbowl- Period 4


Hamlet Act 4 Fishbowl- Period 1


Monday, November 11, 2013

Period 1 - Monday, November 11, 2013 

Class today started with Ms. Smith's "good morning" greeting. We then looked at the agenda and took out our planners. Ms. Smith then began to discuss our plans for the rest of the semester, which are: 
  1. Monday, November 18 we will have our Act 5 fishbowl, which will be our last and final fishbowl for the semester. 
  2. December 2nd is the due date for our Hamlet essay. The outline is not required to turn in but is definitely suggested. The topics for the essay are on Ms. Smith's webpage, but are also listed below:
    • Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
    • Who are we? Men of compassion or revenge?
    • In order to survive we must have madness, genius, or both?
    • Role of Honor?
    • Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
    • Topic of your chose - (must dicuss with Ms. Smith)
  3. After all of this we will read Oedipus for about two weeks 
  4. For the final will be have a fishbowl or "aquarium" as Ms. Smith calls it analyzing and connect all three texts Life of Pi, Hamlet, and Oedipus.
The rest of the class period was spent taking the quiz over Act 3 and 4 of Hamlet.

English Literature Period 4

Class started with the usual "Hello class!" and "Hello Smith!" response.
Mrs.Smith then went over the daily agenda Linked here: )
Mrs.Smith went over our latest assignment, which is to write an essay discussing one of these many questions;

  1. Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
  2. Who are we? Men of compassion or men of revenge?
  3. Role of honor?
  4. In order to survive, must we have madness, genius or both?
  5. Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
  6. Free choice.Approved by Smith
  7. A question proposed by Lauren: Who are we? Solitary v.public? Family v. friends v. public?  
Mrs.Smith suggests using the outline she has provided for this essay 
.Essay is due the Monday after Thanksgiving break.

The rest of class was spent taking the Acts 3 and 4 quiz.

The Act 5 fishbowl has been moved up to this Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, November 6th Period 1

Today in class we began reading Act 4 of Hamlet, and made it up to Scene 5 ending at the interaction between Laertes and Claudius. If absent, you may want to catch up on that reading so that you will be caught up for Friday. 

For homework: Just another reminder that Life of Pi Essay redos are due On Friday. Make sure you have met with Mrs. Smith before submitting your final copy. Make sure you staple a copy of the original to the newly revised version when you turn this in. Also keep reviewing Acts 3 and 4 for Monday's quiz, it's going to cover a lot of information. 

Important questions to think about during the reading are:
  • Act 4: Purpose behind short scenes?
    • Scene 1-4
      • Does the queen keep her promise?
      • Hamlet’s treatment of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
      • Denmark’s feelings regarding Hamlet
      • Is Hamlet aware of the King’s plan? How has the King’s plan changed since Act 3?
      • Comparison of Hamlet and Fortinbras? Man of action v. inaction?
      • Role of Honor?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4 - Period 4

Happy Monday!

First off, Homework:
  • Continue reviewing Act 3. We will have a big quiz that will combine Act 3 and 4 next Monday, so continue reviewing and preparing for that.
  • If you wish to redo your Life of Pi essay, be sure to know that all redo's must be handed in this Friday, and you must meet with Smith before handing it in.
Today in class we had our Act 3 fishbowl. Some things that were discussed in the inner-circle include:
  • Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia and their relationship- we discussed that it appears Hamlet did have feelings for Ophelia beyond just lust because of our hurt he seemed by her betrayal. We also concluded that it was "teenage love" and probably would not have lasted.
  • Hamlet's inaction vs. action- Ultimately Hamlet is a man of inaction. We saw that when he did act it was rash and obviously the wrong thing, we therefore thought that Hamlet's inaction might actually be a better thing. We also predicted that the next time Hamlet takes action it will probably also be the wrong action/a rash action to take.
  • Gertrude and where her loyalties lie- We discussed how Gertrude is a follower, and therefore will lend her loyalties to wherever it best benefits her.
  • We discussed that although Hamlet is the hero of the story, he could be viewed as a bad guy too.
  • Prediction's about Ophelia- We voiced the fact that Ophelia is actually a great victim of this story and predicted that her character may become crazy, or diminish in its' importance.
  • Consequences Hamlet may have to face if he kills Claudius, and the fact that he seems not to be aware of possible repercussions.
  • We questioned if Hamlet knew that he was killing Polonius or not.
  • Polonius' character- He was a very meddling man, as well as a very proud one. He liked the notion of Hamlet being madly in love with his daughter because it made him look good.
  • The different ways Honor portrays itself in this story- honor through loyalty, trust, what was considered right etc.
Some topics discussed in the outer circle were:
  • The ability/inability of Hamlet to change from a man of inaction to one of action
  • If the Queen will tell Claudius of Hamlet's actions
  • Hamlet's reaction to Polonius' death
  • If Hamlet was using the play so that others may see parallels to the royal family
  • If acting without thought is better than not acting at all
  • Possible punishments that Hamlet will face for Polonius' death
  • The number of deaths that are to ensue
  • Is murder justifiable?
  • What may happen with Fortinbras
Michelle Sosnowski

Hamlet Act 3 Fishbowl Period 4


Hamlet Act 3 Fishbowl-Period 1


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, November 1- Period 4

Happy November 1st!

The homework that is due tomorrow is....
  • If you have a Life of Pi paper redo it is due on November 8th, but you will need to meet with Mrs. Smith before you turn in your paper! 
  • Review for the Act 3 Quiz (the quiz for Act 3 will be combined with Act 4 which will be at a later date).
  • Prepare for the Fishbowl tomorrow
On Friday, we went over the homework listed above and started reading Act 3 scene 3 and then we ended class with watching the movie scenes about The Mousetrap and about Polonius's death. 
  • We read up until line 59 and then we discussed the 3 things that Claudius gained through murdering King Hamlet, which are the crown, ambition and the queen. By gaining these things, the King believes that he cannot be forgiven for the murder of King Hamlet.
  • Then we read until line 75 where we talked about how Claudius struggled to pray and how it showed how guilty he was during prayer. Another thing to note is that Hamlet does not kill Claudius. 
  • We read until Claudius's last line where we talked about how unless Claudius does something nothing will be resolved.
  • Then on line 95, Hamlet tells his mom that he is upset that she married out of money and power.
  • On line 117, the Ghost visits Hamlet again to remind him to save Gertrude for Heaven.
  • We discussed line 177 and how Hamlet asks Gertrude to repent for her ways. 
Talk to Smith or see the weekly agenda if you have any questions!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 30- Period 1

Today we finished reading scene three aloud, we also discussed important points we read prior to today;
·      Hamlet as director
o   We find Hamlet is obsessed with re-enacting the death of the king in order to see if Claudius is guilty. We find he is, but Hamlet is unable to kill him when he prays because then Claudius would go to heaven.
·      Hamlet’s relationship with Horatio
o   Horatio the only person Hamlet can now trust? Hamlet now finds his friends side with the king, and Horatio is now the only person Hamlet can trust to help him.
·      Hamlet’s treatment of his mother and Ophilia, and Shakespeare’s view of women
o   Hamlet’s derogatory comments towards both Ophilia and his mother suggests he thinks women make monster’s of men, and are two-faced. Shakespeare’s views of women reflect the time period he lived in as women were not highly regarded or trusted with information.

We also read, and discussed key points in today’s reading including the following:
·      The play        
o   Reactions?
·      Man of action or inaction?
·      Is Hamlet actually crazy?
Homework is the to review act three; people who are signed up for the fishbowl on Monday should be preparing a syllabus and critical review. For those people who are redoing their Life of Pi essay, all redo’s are due on November 8th, and they should try to meet with Smith before then.

Jenevieve Wiegman

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28 - Period 1

Today we read Act 3 out loud. We got through scene one and most of scene two. Before we read, we went over the key points of Act 3.

Scene One:

  • Hamlet's true colors
  • Hamlet's "To be or  not to be" monologue
  • Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia
  • Hamlet's opinion of women - how does this connect to Shakespeare's views?
  • The King's plan
  • Polonius' request
Scene Two:
  • Hamlet is very specific director of the play - what does this reveal? 
  • Talks to Horatio - what does this reveal about their relationship?
  • Treatment of mother and Ophelia during play - connects to Shakespeare's view of women?
  • The play
  • Man of action or inaction
  • Is Hamlet crazy? 
Homework is to review Act 3. The quiz for this act will be combined with Act 4. The fishbowl for this act will be on Monday. If you are redoing your paper, it is due on November 18th. You need to meet with Smith first, so it would be best to try and meet this week. 

Colleen Hanson

Monday October 28 Period 4

Today in Class we began to read and discuss Act III of Hamlet; we completed reading scenes one and two. Characters were assigned and the Act was read aloud. The points that were discussed are listed below.
               Scene 1:
  1. King's true colors shine through
  • The king revealed that the truth of his actions are weighing heavily on him, however, is not yet willing to act upon his guilt
     2. Hamlet's to be or not to be soliloquy
  • Hamlet ponders life after death, as well as committing suicide, but decides against it.
     3. Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia
  • Hamlet disgraces Ophelia in multiple ways. He denies having given Ophelia any letters or gifts. The then denies ever loving her. Hamlet goes on to call Ophelia a whore and to return to the place where whores belong.
    4. Hamlet's treatment of women
  • Hamlet states that it is women who turn men into monsters
    5. King's plan
  • The king wishes to send Hamlet to England
    6. Polonius' request
  • Polonius requests sending Hamlet in to speak to his mother so that Polonius will be able to spy/listen in on their conversation
           Scene 2
  1. Hamlet director
  • Hamlet orders the actors to do it well, to make sure not to over or under act, so that the play might be as real and believable as possible
    2. Hamlet talks to Horatio- their relationship
  • The conversation reveals that Hamlet trusts Horatio, views him as an equal (by which Horatio is honored) and shares that Horatio is the only one who remained faithful.
    3. Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia and his mother
  • He embarrasses both of them, first by mocking his mother's beauty and then by questioning Ophelia's chastity
    4. The Play
  • The Queen does not show much reaction toward the play however Claudius reacts obviously by standing up suddenly.
     5. Hamlet a man of action or inaction?
     6. Is Hamlet crazy?
We did not discuss the last two topics in much detail. The essential question of this unit remains the same- Who are we? Men of action or inaction? Revenge or compassion?

Homework: Because of the Supreme Court being at Arapahoe on Wednesday, we have no homework due on that day. However, continue reviewing your notes for Act 3 because this act and Act 4's quiz will be combined. Also, the group presenting in the next fishbowl should begin preparations. Lastly, if you wish to redo your Life of Pi essay be sure to meet with Smith as early as possible (this week preferably), this redo will be due on Friday 8th.

That's all!
Michelle Sosnowski

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday October 25 Period 4

Fishbowl for Hamlet Act II
  • Some things discussed in the inner circle:
    • morals vs religion, (revenging) family vs religion: both conflicts occurring in Hamlet
    • If the ghost is fictional, how it represents Hamlet's inner want (for revenge and to have a purpose to live)
    • How Hamlet and Fortinbras are foils
    • How Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes are 3 different versions of sons and show 3 different types of relationships between father and sons
    • Though women characters are weak/conniving in Hamlet, showing Shakespeare's disdain for the female sex, he doesn't convey men as any better what with all of the scheming, murdering, and spying in the castle
      • Women: people of action psychologically
      • Men: people of action physically
    • Betrayal: Rozencratz and Gildenstern spying and how this hurt Hamlet, how Hamlet feels alone and trapped with no one to trust
    • Power: is it the only way to get things done?
      • internal vs external power

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013 Period 1

Today in English Lit Period 1 we had our fishbowl on act 2 of Hamlet. This took up most of the period.
In the beginning of class, Mrs. Smith talked to us about Life of Pi Essay redos. In order to redo your essay, you must first come and talk with Mrs. Smith. After that is done, you can redo your essay. This was our only homework for the weekend so you only have homework if you want to redo your Life of Pi Essay.

The rest of the class time was used for the fishbowl discussion. Some key topic issues that were covered were:

- Ophelia and Hamlet's relationship.
- What is Hamlet's plan to test the ghost's story for truth.
- Will Hamlet try to kill Claudius and if so, will he try to set him up.
- Norway's plan to "invade Poland".
- Since this is a tragedy, how will Hamlet's journey end in tragedy.
- What is the point of Laertes in the play.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Andrei Williams

Hamlet Act 2 Fishbowl-Period 4


Hamlet Act 2 Fishbowl-Period 1


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday October 23, 2013 Period 1

Today class began on a slightly more enthusiastic note than usual, being a late start. We started off by discussing and dissecting Hamlet's monologue at the end of Act II. The key points we discussed from the monologue were:

  • Hamlet desires the emotions of the player, which he encountered right before the monologue.
  • Hamlet is frustrated at his own inaction to carry out his revenge on Claudius.
  • Hamlet realizes his own vulnerability to the ghost and how the ghost could be lying to him.
  • Hamlet describes his plot to act on Claudius, which involves the players acting out a play very similar to the murder of his father. Hamlet hopes to get a reaction from Claudius; perhaps of guilt. This would provide him a motive for action.
After discussing the monologues, we moved into groups and took our Act II quiz. While taking the quiz, scenes from the Hamlet movie were playing for us to better understand the act. 

Homework: Review Act II reading, Prepare for the fishbowl on Friday if you are a Presenter or Discusser

Have a great Day!
Colin Brown

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday October 21, 2013 Period 1

Today in class we discussed what we read in act two so far and discussed some of the questions that we had. Then we continued reading the rest of act two where the players come in and Hamlet discusses what he wants to add to the play to put blame on Claudius. At the end of act two Hamlet has an extremely long part and we divided into groups and dissected the part trying to decipher is Hamlet a man of inaction or action? The day consisted mostly of reading Hamlet.

On Wednesday we have a quiz on act two and here are some of the questions that will help to review for the quiz:
Polonius’ relationship with his son, Laertes?Polonius’ assumptions re: Hamlet and Ophelia?Cause of Hamlet’s madnessVoltemand’s message from NorwayClaudius and Polonius’ planRoles of R and G?Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends?Acting troupe v. child actorsPlayer’s speechHamlet: man of action or inaction?Hamlet’s plan
Dissect Hamlet's Dialogue

Be prepared for the quiz. 
There is no other homework so there are no excuses. Everybody have a great day!

Justin Morrall

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Today we read more of Hamlet. 
  • We started by discussing what happened in act II scene I.
    • Polonius sent Reynaldo to give Laertes money.
    • Reynaldo also had to start rumors that Laertes was into gambling, drinking, swearing, fist-fighting, and other things that would would make him react but not ruin his reputation.
      • He is doing so to see if Laertes actually does these things
    • Hamlet came up to Ophelia and grabbed her and shook her. 
      • Ophelia and Polonius think he's in love with Ophelia, which is why he has gone mad.
  • What we read today: act II scene II. 
    • Claudius and Gertrude are going to pay Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Hamlet's friends) to spy on Hamlet because he is going crazy
      • Gertrude thinks it is because of his dad's death and her quick marriage.
    • Polonius then goes to the king and queen thinking that he knows why and brags that he has more obedient children than them
    • Volteman said that Old Norway caught Fortinbras trying to attack Denmark when he was supposed to attack Poland. Fortinbras was arrested until he expressed remorse then was sent to attack Poland. 
      • Old Norway is peace with Denmark but Fortinbras doesn't. 
    • Then Polonius tells the king and queen that Ophelia broke up with Hamlet and that is why he is so depressed. 
      • Polonius and Claudius are going to send Ophelia in to talk to Hamlet and see Hamlets reaction.
    • Hamlet runs into Polonius and starts talking to him like he doesn't recognize him
    • After, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern run into Hamlet and try to figure out why he is acting strange. 
      • Hamlet expresses that he feels like he is in a prison
      • Hamlet realizes that his stepfather and his mother are paying them and they feel shamed.
        • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern change the subject by mentioning the actors are in the castle.
          • The actor did a monologue about ancient Greece but focusing on the price of revenge
We will finish reading act II scene II on Wednesday before the quiz.
If we can answer the fallowing questions, we should be well prepared.
·       Polonius’ relationship with his son, Laertes?
·       Polonius’ assumptions re: Hamlet and Ophelia?
·       Cause of Hamlet’s madness
·       Voltemand’s message from Norway
·       Claudius and Polonius’ plan
·       Roles of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
·       Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends?
·       Acting troupe v. child actors
·       Player’s speech
·       Hamlet: man of action or inaction?

            Prepare for quiz on Wednesday

            Prepare for fishbowl on Friday

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday October 16

Being all hyped up and ready to go Smith greeted us with the usual and we came back with a "Good afternoon Smith." The computer was being nasty so we had no power point, but we still got our homework for the weekend! Review Hamlet. After all our essays were turned in we jumped into Hamlet. We read Scene 1, Act 2 and part of Act 2. Annotations:

  • Polonius asked Reynaldo to go to France to make sure Laertes is on the right track, but he also goes way beyond the acceptable laws of parenting and tells Reynaldo to start nasty rumors about Laertes to keep people away from him.
  • Hamlet found Ophelia in her room. Hes a mess. his stockings or out of place, his shirt is untucked and falling off his shoulder. He grabs her arms and stroke it and her face and stares into her eyes and runs out. Ophelia goes to Poloneus and tells him abour her encounter with Hamlet. Polonus decides to go to the King to tell him that his loss of Ophelia is contributing his mental instability. This is all feeding into Hamlet's plan of making people believe he's crazy.
  • *Hint hint nudge nudge* She told us to be sure to know Reynaldo's name.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, Period 1 Review of the Day

First things first, homework. Go onto the power point for this week and there are instructions for a parent/teacher conference letter that is due Wednesday. You must PRINT a hard copy, SHARE it on a Google doc with Ms. Smith AND EMAIL it to your parent/guardian! It isn't that hard, just do it :-)
Today we had our fishbowl for Hamlet Act 1. To see the outer circle's comments go to the cover-it-live blog below. I took a few notes on the inner circle's discussion. Have fun reading!
Summary of Act 1

  1. Bernardo, Marcellus, and Horatio see a ghost that resembles the late king. They decide to tell Prince Hamlet.
  2. Claudius, Laertes, Polonius, Hamlet, the Queen, and others are meeting. Claudius tells Laertes he may return to school in France but refuses to grant Hamlet's request to do so.
  3. Hamlet decides to meet with the ghost.
  4. Ophelia receives advice from her brother and father about her relationship with Hamlet.
  5. Hamlet talks with his father and learns of the latter's murder at Claudius' hands.
  • Hamlet needs to choose whether he will be a man of action or inaction-internal conflict
    • He might be a man of action only be sneaky and take revenge on Claudius but leave no connection to himself
  • Tension between Laertes and Hamlet
    • Laertes was granted permission to return to school; he has no reason to turn on Claudius
    • Polonius and Leartes are protective of Ophelia-otherwise Hamlet and Laertes would enjoy each others' company
    • Polonius-is he still loyal to the original king? Would he turn on Claudius if he knew of the circumstances of King Hamlet's death? 
  • What is the purpose of the ghost's armor?
    • Symbol of impending threat of Norway/Fortinbras
    • Warning to Hamlet to not soil Denmark's image
    • Symbol of a battle with Claudius-the ghost never mentions Norway
    • Set the young Hamlet into a state of urgency
    • Foreshadowing that Hamlet will be unsuccessful in his first attempt to kill Claudius
      • This long of a story needs mishap and climax--defenition of a tragic hero
  • Marcellus/Horation-loyal to Hamlet, backbone character to the plot
  • King Claudius--Queen Gertrude
    • Any prior love? 
      • Yes. Gertrude married him because they knew each other and she had no one so...why not?
    • Does she know of the plot to kill King Hamlet?
      • There are no hints leading to that conclusion
      • She loved Hamlet-he talked of her as innocent and in love--Claudius was a weed that took her over
      • She was a "seemingly virtuous queen" -- this could show concern from the ghost as to why she so quickly married Claudius
      • Does she want power? But she already had power as the wife of Hamlet, her station didn't change at all
      • The late king can't know for sure
        • He tells Hamlet to leave her be because she has guilt that only she can deal with-God is her judge
    • Why does the ghost tell Hamlet to take revenge on Claudius but not Gertrude?
      • Claudius had more devious motives
      • Getting revenge on him gets revenge on her
      • The ghost only needs Claudius to die so he can be free from his torture-do not destroy life needlessly
  • How do we know we can believe the ghost?
    • There's no evidence it really happened except Bernardo, Horation, and Marcellus
      • Is this power enough to keep them loyal to Hamlet?
  • Who would take revenge if Hamlet succeeded in killing Claudius?
    • Brink of war, unsettling times, state of turmoil
  • War
    • If Fortinbras kills Claudius, he is just a casulty of war
  • What if Hamlet doesn't kill the king?
    • Could witnesses be used?
    • Servants, guards--there had to be someone watching the king sleep or at least be nearby
    • Yet Claudius is smart enough to be alone with the king
    • A nap is the king's normal routine
  • Did Claudius have help?
    • Polonius-motive to keep family and self image
    • Ophelia-lead to Hamlet's demise-she is his confidant
      • She will be his downfall
      • She must obey her father, even if she doesn't want to betray Hamlet
    • Hamlet is set up for the perfect oppurtunity to fail
    • When Hamlet learns of Ophelia's forced distance will he be hurt or driven to action?
      • Depends on how he finds out
  • Why wouldn't Claudius let Hamlet go to school? Keep him at a distance
    • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
  • Does Claudius want to kill Hamlet too?
    • What is his motive? He already had power and wealth
    • Will he make an alliance with Fortinbras? But why would he ally with Claudius?
    • The sons inherited the same issues
      • People hold grudges throughout history
  • Why doesn't Hamlet value his life? 
    • He has a future
    • Social aspects hurt his heart
    • Does he really have everything?
      • All of his privileges are taken away - love, college
    • Innocent phase - tragic hero
      • Moving to knowledge phase - lost his father and mother and is learning of the evil of Claudius
      • Hamlet starts to question the world
    • Next is intimate awakening between him and Ophelia ---- ACT 2
      • We might learn that something has already happened between them
      • We have no background knowledge at this point-not connection to reader
      • Will Ophelia rebel against her family and the social place of a daughter in her family? - but this story is a tragedy...
      • May have been the reason Polonius could be assisting Claudius -- can Laertes take the throne?
        • Polonius is selfish
          • Heirs are everything
        • Claudius needs an heir
          • Send Laertes to obtain a college education
        • Is Polonius framing Claudius to get power? -- same as in Norway
    • War might be Claudius' downfall, but it would be Hamlet's too. He is just as much a part of Denmark as Claudius