Monday, November 4, 2013

Hamlet Act 3 Fishbowl Period 4


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  1. Comment From Jens Peaslee
    Class, is it possible that Hamlet can change from a man of inaction to a man of action, or from a man of action to a man of inaction?

    Hannah: I believe Hamlet can change from a man of inaction to a man of action or vice verse, he just needs concrete evidence in order to change. He had a play put on in front of the kingdom so that he could would know whether or not to kill Claudius, and now that he knows Claudius killed his father, he will become a man of action.

    Comment From Grace
    Class: Do you think that the Queen will tell Claudius about why Hamlet is acting the hes acting?

    Hannah: I still do not think Gertrude knows whether Hamlet is really crazy or not and because of that I think she will try to figure out if he is actually crazy before she says something.

    Jens Peaslee: Class: So if Hamlet cannot decide if he is a man of action or inaction, will he eventually become one or the other?

    Hannah: I think Hamlet will become either a man of too much action killing absolutely everyone or a man of too much inaction and just let everyone keep doing what they are doing and probably kill himself because of it.

    Erica: Class- Was Hamlet's also using the play to make other people realize the parallels between the family in the play and the royal family?

    Hannah: Hamlet wanted to make it known to the king that he knows about what he has done, and if other people made the connection of the two families in the process than that was a bonus.

    Jens Peaslee: Class: What do you think the outcome of the death of Polonius will be? Will Hamlet be punished?

    Hannah:Hamlet will not be punished for Polonius' because Hamlet is "crazy" and "not in his right mind," he thought it was Claudius.

    Eric D.: Class : Do you think Hamlet feels any guilt for killing Polonius?

    Hannah: Not at this point in the play but I think in the future he will like maybe when he kills Claudius.

    Eric D.: Class : Is any murder justified?

    Hannah: Yes, but murder committed out of revenge is not justifiable.

    Heidi: @class, Do you guys think Gertrude knew about Claudius? Or even just suspected claudius was a murderer? Why do you think so?

    Hannah:That is an interesting thought and I wonder if that is why Gertrude married Claudius. "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer."