Monday, November 11, 2013

Period 1 - Monday, November 11, 2013 

Class today started with Ms. Smith's "good morning" greeting. We then looked at the agenda and took out our planners. Ms. Smith then began to discuss our plans for the rest of the semester, which are: 
  1. Monday, November 18 we will have our Act 5 fishbowl, which will be our last and final fishbowl for the semester. 
  2. December 2nd is the due date for our Hamlet essay. The outline is not required to turn in but is definitely suggested. The topics for the essay are on Ms. Smith's webpage, but are also listed below:
    • Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
    • Who are we? Men of compassion or revenge?
    • In order to survive we must have madness, genius, or both?
    • Role of Honor?
    • Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
    • Topic of your chose - (must dicuss with Ms. Smith)
  3. After all of this we will read Oedipus for about two weeks 
  4. For the final will be have a fishbowl or "aquarium" as Ms. Smith calls it analyzing and connect all three texts Life of Pi, Hamlet, and Oedipus.
The rest of the class period was spent taking the quiz over Act 3 and 4 of Hamlet.

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