Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, November 1- Period 4

Happy November 1st!

The homework that is due tomorrow is....
  • If you have a Life of Pi paper redo it is due on November 8th, but you will need to meet with Mrs. Smith before you turn in your paper! 
  • Review for the Act 3 Quiz (the quiz for Act 3 will be combined with Act 4 which will be at a later date).
  • Prepare for the Fishbowl tomorrow
On Friday, we went over the homework listed above and started reading Act 3 scene 3 and then we ended class with watching the movie scenes about The Mousetrap and about Polonius's death. 
  • We read up until line 59 and then we discussed the 3 things that Claudius gained through murdering King Hamlet, which are the crown, ambition and the queen. By gaining these things, the King believes that he cannot be forgiven for the murder of King Hamlet.
  • Then we read until line 75 where we talked about how Claudius struggled to pray and how it showed how guilty he was during prayer. Another thing to note is that Hamlet does not kill Claudius. 
  • We read until Claudius's last line where we talked about how unless Claudius does something nothing will be resolved.
  • Then on line 95, Hamlet tells his mom that he is upset that she married out of money and power.
  • On line 117, the Ghost visits Hamlet again to remind him to save Gertrude for Heaven.
  • We discussed line 177 and how Hamlet asks Gertrude to repent for her ways. 
Talk to Smith or see the weekly agenda if you have any questions!

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