Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 30- Period 1

Today we finished reading scene three aloud, we also discussed important points we read prior to today;
·      Hamlet as director
o   We find Hamlet is obsessed with re-enacting the death of the king in order to see if Claudius is guilty. We find he is, but Hamlet is unable to kill him when he prays because then Claudius would go to heaven.
·      Hamlet’s relationship with Horatio
o   Horatio the only person Hamlet can now trust? Hamlet now finds his friends side with the king, and Horatio is now the only person Hamlet can trust to help him.
·      Hamlet’s treatment of his mother and Ophilia, and Shakespeare’s view of women
o   Hamlet’s derogatory comments towards both Ophilia and his mother suggests he thinks women make monster’s of men, and are two-faced. Shakespeare’s views of women reflect the time period he lived in as women were not highly regarded or trusted with information.

We also read, and discussed key points in today’s reading including the following:
·      The play        
o   Reactions?
·      Man of action or inaction?
·      Is Hamlet actually crazy?
Homework is the to review act three; people who are signed up for the fishbowl on Monday should be preparing a syllabus and critical review. For those people who are redoing their Life of Pi essay, all redo’s are due on November 8th, and they should try to meet with Smith before then.

Jenevieve Wiegman

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