Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 28 - Period 1

Today we read Act 3 out loud. We got through scene one and most of scene two. Before we read, we went over the key points of Act 3.

Scene One:

  • Hamlet's true colors
  • Hamlet's "To be or  not to be" monologue
  • Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia
  • Hamlet's opinion of women - how does this connect to Shakespeare's views?
  • The King's plan
  • Polonius' request
Scene Two:
  • Hamlet is very specific director of the play - what does this reveal? 
  • Talks to Horatio - what does this reveal about their relationship?
  • Treatment of mother and Ophelia during play - connects to Shakespeare's view of women?
  • The play
  • Man of action or inaction
  • Is Hamlet crazy? 
Homework is to review Act 3. The quiz for this act will be combined with Act 4. The fishbowl for this act will be on Monday. If you are redoing your paper, it is due on November 18th. You need to meet with Smith first, so it would be best to try and meet this week. 

Colleen Hanson

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