Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday 10-7 Period 1

In class-
Today we turned in anything that was not formerly turned into Mrs. Smith.
We then discussed what we pulled away from the first clip of the movie we watched on Friday. The main ideas we pulled from this clip was that the apparition was in the form of an old king. We then watched two more clips. The second was from a movie that had not followed the original play very well. In this we pulled away that there was another man that took power instead of Hamlet. The third movie clip was the most useful. We discovered that there was tension between Hamlet and his uncle because his uncle had taken power and married Hamlet's mother.

Next, we read the actual play. We found that everything we discussed from the movie clips were in the play. We read past the movie clips where we discovered the true root of the tension between Hamlet and his uncle. We also read through Hamlet's first monologue where we discussed the fact that there is a hate for his uncle and Hamlet also seems to be a man of inaction.

Homework: Finish any meeting that were missed with Mrs. Smith. Prepare for the first Fishbowl on Act 1.

Mrs. Smith's Agenda can be found here

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