Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Ocober 14, 2013

Hi. How are you? I'm sorry if you missed today, but allow me to fill you in on what we did in class today.
First our homework: We are to write a letter to our parents for parent teacher conferences about how this semester is going (see Ms. Smith's website for more details). To turn it in, you must send it to Ms. Smith in google docs, print out a copy to bring to class, and email it to your parents. This is due Wednesday.
Today was our first fishbowl for Hamlet, Act 1. The inner circle discusses, the outer people blogged. You can find and read the blog on the class blog site, so you probably saw it if you are reading this blog.
Here are some of the points that were discussed in the inner circle:
~Do you think the ghost is real or just imagination? Most thought that the ghost was real, but there is doubt that the ghost actually talked to Hamlet, instead he just imagined it.
~What does the disparity between Fortinbras and Hamlet reveal about human nature? Both men are driven by revenge, suggesting that humans are driven by revenge.
~Considering Gertrude and Ophelia, how does Shakespeare feel about women? The women are mischievous and devious, doing what they can to get their way.
The fishbowl lasted the entire class period, and on Wednesday we will start Act 2.

That was our day, sorry you missed it.

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