Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday October 25 Period 4

Fishbowl for Hamlet Act II
  • Some things discussed in the inner circle:
    • morals vs religion, (revenging) family vs religion: both conflicts occurring in Hamlet
    • If the ghost is fictional, how it represents Hamlet's inner want (for revenge and to have a purpose to live)
    • How Hamlet and Fortinbras are foils
    • How Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes are 3 different versions of sons and show 3 different types of relationships between father and sons
    • Though women characters are weak/conniving in Hamlet, showing Shakespeare's disdain for the female sex, he doesn't convey men as any better what with all of the scheming, murdering, and spying in the castle
      • Women: people of action psychologically
      • Men: people of action physically
    • Betrayal: Rozencratz and Gildenstern spying and how this hurt Hamlet, how Hamlet feels alone and trapped with no one to trust
    • Power: is it the only way to get things done?
      • internal vs external power

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