Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Period 1 (10-11-13)

The day started of with the usual greeting from Ms. Smith.
We jumped right into it with Ms. Smith saying that today we would be doing ghosts & quizzes. The class split off into groups of three's and four's and the quiz on act 1 was handed out. The quiz took up most of the period and after handing it in we moved on to watching the other two movies ghost scenes. We were instructed to look for differences in the movies. On Wednesday we watched the older movie scene, with the ghost hidden behind a cloud of smoke and speaking eerily. The first scene we watched today was the Mel Gibson ghost scene. The differences the class found in this one compared to the first were:

  • Ghost seems more remorseful
  • Ghost is NOT in battle armor
  • It is a more personal, fatherly scene
We then proceeded to watch the most accurate film, but ran out of time to even start the discussion. From what I saw:
  • The scene was higher stress
  • It gave a sense of urgency
  • The ghost of the king WAS in battle armor
  • All the lines from the actual story seemed to be used
  • Scene took place in the forest
The homework for today was to prepare for the fishbowl. The presenters need to make and share a syllabus with each other and Ms. Smith and come prepared on Monday. The agenda for the day can be found here.

-Calvin Lewis 

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