Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11th Period 4

Ms. Smith started off our class period by collecting our college essays if students still needed to turn them in. We then received our in class Life of Pi essays; if students need to re-write their essays Smith will be going over how to re-do them the Monday after our long weekend. After our discussion on essays we broke up into groups of 3 or 4 and took our act I quiz on Hamlet. As soon as we were all done with our quiz we moved back to our assigned seats and watched both the Mel Gibson and the Kenneth Branagh versions of act I scene 4 of Hamlet. In each version we discussed the differences in each ghost and in each of Hamlet's reaction to the ghost of his father. The Mel Gibson version of the ghost was vulnerable and very emotional when talking to his son, and after he vanished Hamlet sits there and cries. Where in the Kenneth Branagh version the ghost is shown as a scary, vengeful spirit that instills fear in Hamlet and creates a jittery, more excited response from Hamlet about avenging his father's death. Class ended here and we will watch Olivier's version on Monday.
Homework: Prepare for fishbowl on act I and share a syllabus with Smith ONLY IF you are the presenters. Also work on revising Life of Pi essay.

Have a great weekend!

-Hannah Eddy

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