Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday October 21, 2013 Period 1

Today in class we discussed what we read in act two so far and discussed some of the questions that we had. Then we continued reading the rest of act two where the players come in and Hamlet discusses what he wants to add to the play to put blame on Claudius. At the end of act two Hamlet has an extremely long part and we divided into groups and dissected the part trying to decipher is Hamlet a man of inaction or action? The day consisted mostly of reading Hamlet.

On Wednesday we have a quiz on act two and here are some of the questions that will help to review for the quiz:
Polonius’ relationship with his son, Laertes?Polonius’ assumptions re: Hamlet and Ophelia?Cause of Hamlet’s madnessVoltemand’s message from NorwayClaudius and Polonius’ planRoles of R and G?Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends?Acting troupe v. child actorsPlayer’s speechHamlet: man of action or inaction?Hamlet’s plan
Dissect Hamlet's Dialogue

Be prepared for the quiz. 
There is no other homework so there are no excuses. Everybody have a great day!

Justin Morrall

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