Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28 Period 4

Today in Class we began to read and discuss Act III of Hamlet; we completed reading scenes one and two. Characters were assigned and the Act was read aloud. The points that were discussed are listed below.
               Scene 1:
  1. King's true colors shine through
  • The king revealed that the truth of his actions are weighing heavily on him, however, is not yet willing to act upon his guilt
     2. Hamlet's to be or not to be soliloquy
  • Hamlet ponders life after death, as well as committing suicide, but decides against it.
     3. Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia
  • Hamlet disgraces Ophelia in multiple ways. He denies having given Ophelia any letters or gifts. The then denies ever loving her. Hamlet goes on to call Ophelia a whore and to return to the place where whores belong.
    4. Hamlet's treatment of women
  • Hamlet states that it is women who turn men into monsters
    5. King's plan
  • The king wishes to send Hamlet to England
    6. Polonius' request
  • Polonius requests sending Hamlet in to speak to his mother so that Polonius will be able to spy/listen in on their conversation
           Scene 2
  1. Hamlet director
  • Hamlet orders the actors to do it well, to make sure not to over or under act, so that the play might be as real and believable as possible
    2. Hamlet talks to Horatio- their relationship
  • The conversation reveals that Hamlet trusts Horatio, views him as an equal (by which Horatio is honored) and shares that Horatio is the only one who remained faithful.
    3. Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia and his mother
  • He embarrasses both of them, first by mocking his mother's beauty and then by questioning Ophelia's chastity
    4. The Play
  • The Queen does not show much reaction toward the play however Claudius reacts obviously by standing up suddenly.
     5. Hamlet a man of action or inaction?
     6. Is Hamlet crazy?
We did not discuss the last two topics in much detail. The essential question of this unit remains the same- Who are we? Men of action or inaction? Revenge or compassion?

Homework: Because of the Supreme Court being at Arapahoe on Wednesday, we have no homework due on that day. However, continue reviewing your notes for Act 3 because this act and Act 4's quiz will be combined. Also, the group presenting in the next fishbowl should begin preparations. Lastly, if you wish to redo your Life of Pi essay be sure to meet with Smith as early as possible (this week preferably), this redo will be due on Friday 8th.

That's all!
Michelle Sosnowski

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