Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday October 16

Being all hyped up and ready to go Smith greeted us with the usual and we came back with a "Good afternoon Smith." The computer was being nasty so we had no power point, but we still got our homework for the weekend! Review Hamlet. After all our essays were turned in we jumped into Hamlet. We read Scene 1, Act 2 and part of Act 2. Annotations:

  • Polonius asked Reynaldo to go to France to make sure Laertes is on the right track, but he also goes way beyond the acceptable laws of parenting and tells Reynaldo to start nasty rumors about Laertes to keep people away from him.
  • Hamlet found Ophelia in her room. Hes a mess. his stockings or out of place, his shirt is untucked and falling off his shoulder. He grabs her arms and stroke it and her face and stares into her eyes and runs out. Ophelia goes to Poloneus and tells him abour her encounter with Hamlet. Polonus decides to go to the King to tell him that his loss of Ophelia is contributing his mental instability. This is all feeding into Hamlet's plan of making people believe he's crazy.
  • *Hint hint nudge nudge* She told us to be sure to know Reynaldo's name.

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