Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday October 23, 2013 Period 1

Today class began on a slightly more enthusiastic note than usual, being a late start. We started off by discussing and dissecting Hamlet's monologue at the end of Act II. The key points we discussed from the monologue were:

  • Hamlet desires the emotions of the player, which he encountered right before the monologue.
  • Hamlet is frustrated at his own inaction to carry out his revenge on Claudius.
  • Hamlet realizes his own vulnerability to the ghost and how the ghost could be lying to him.
  • Hamlet describes his plot to act on Claudius, which involves the players acting out a play very similar to the murder of his father. Hamlet hopes to get a reaction from Claudius; perhaps of guilt. This would provide him a motive for action.
After discussing the monologues, we moved into groups and took our Act II quiz. While taking the quiz, scenes from the Hamlet movie were playing for us to better understand the act. 

Homework: Review Act II reading, Prepare for the fishbowl on Friday if you are a Presenter or Discusser

Have a great Day!
Colin Brown

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