Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4 - Period 4

Happy Monday!

First off, Homework:
  • Continue reviewing Act 3. We will have a big quiz that will combine Act 3 and 4 next Monday, so continue reviewing and preparing for that.
  • If you wish to redo your Life of Pi essay, be sure to know that all redo's must be handed in this Friday, and you must meet with Smith before handing it in.
Today in class we had our Act 3 fishbowl. Some things that were discussed in the inner-circle include:
  • Hamlet's treatment of Ophelia and their relationship- we discussed that it appears Hamlet did have feelings for Ophelia beyond just lust because of our hurt he seemed by her betrayal. We also concluded that it was "teenage love" and probably would not have lasted.
  • Hamlet's inaction vs. action- Ultimately Hamlet is a man of inaction. We saw that when he did act it was rash and obviously the wrong thing, we therefore thought that Hamlet's inaction might actually be a better thing. We also predicted that the next time Hamlet takes action it will probably also be the wrong action/a rash action to take.
  • Gertrude and where her loyalties lie- We discussed how Gertrude is a follower, and therefore will lend her loyalties to wherever it best benefits her.
  • We discussed that although Hamlet is the hero of the story, he could be viewed as a bad guy too.
  • Prediction's about Ophelia- We voiced the fact that Ophelia is actually a great victim of this story and predicted that her character may become crazy, or diminish in its' importance.
  • Consequences Hamlet may have to face if he kills Claudius, and the fact that he seems not to be aware of possible repercussions.
  • We questioned if Hamlet knew that he was killing Polonius or not.
  • Polonius' character- He was a very meddling man, as well as a very proud one. He liked the notion of Hamlet being madly in love with his daughter because it made him look good.
  • The different ways Honor portrays itself in this story- honor through loyalty, trust, what was considered right etc.
Some topics discussed in the outer circle were:
  • The ability/inability of Hamlet to change from a man of inaction to one of action
  • If the Queen will tell Claudius of Hamlet's actions
  • Hamlet's reaction to Polonius' death
  • If Hamlet was using the play so that others may see parallels to the royal family
  • If acting without thought is better than not acting at all
  • Possible punishments that Hamlet will face for Polonius' death
  • The number of deaths that are to ensue
  • Is murder justifiable?
  • What may happen with Fortinbras
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