Friday, November 22, 2013

Period 4, Nov. 22nd, Scribe: Vania Arevalo

Today in class, we spent the whole period working on our Hamlet essays. If you do not get it finished in class today, then it is due when we return from Thanksgiving break on Monday, December  2nd. You will get the best grade if you follow this: outline for essay. You need to follow this outline, it is there to help you!

When we get back from Thanksgiving break, we will have finished our Hamlet unit and we will begin reading Oedipus Rex for the next two weeks. After that it is finals week!! For our final, we will be having a big fishbowl with the whole class on Life of Pi and Hamlet, and how they connect.

If you need any more help, Mrs. Smith always has all the information on her webpage in the daily agenda.

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