Friday, December 6, 2013

Period 1, December 6th, English Lit, Andrei Williams

Today we started the class by receiving our Hamlet essays back. Next we got into groups of 3-4 and discussed the dramatic ironies we did for homework as Mrs. Smith checked them. Then we discussed them as a class. Next we read a little more of Oedipus (pages 34-49) and discussed adjectives to describe him.
- Paranoid
- Short-tempered
- Cocky
We also discussed how Oedipus and his mother/wife tell the same story about how the previous king was killed. Oedipus starts to realize he might have killed the previous king. They will bring the one witness who saw the murder to testify what happened.
In addition, we broke down the meaning of the chorus chant on pages 48-49 by paragraphs.
- Do Gods have power if no one believes in them?

Homework for monday is to write 3 adjectives with quotes describing Oedipus.
Have a good weekend :)

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