Monday, November 11, 2013

English Literature Period 4

Class started with the usual "Hello class!" and "Hello Smith!" response.
Mrs.Smith then went over the daily agenda Linked here: )
Mrs.Smith went over our latest assignment, which is to write an essay discussing one of these many questions;

  1. Who are we? Men of action or inaction?
  2. Who are we? Men of compassion or men of revenge?
  3. Role of honor?
  4. In order to survive, must we have madness, genius or both?
  5. Connections between Pi and Hamlet?
  6. Free choice.Approved by Smith
  7. A question proposed by Lauren: Who are we? Solitary v.public? Family v. friends v. public?  
Mrs.Smith suggests using the outline she has provided for this essay 
.Essay is due the Monday after Thanksgiving break.

The rest of class was spent taking the Acts 3 and 4 quiz.

The Act 5 fishbowl has been moved up to this Wednesday.

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