Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday January 24, 2014 Hour 4

When we first walked into class today we turned in our summary and response for Hell on her desk. Once class started we went over what our homework was for the weekend. The only thing we had was Smith wants us to finish the first part of our last lecture, which is the early childhood, by monday even though it is not truly due till Feb. 14. She also talked about how next week we will be taking a quiz on Dante's Inferno so we should look back over the notes we have.
 Once we were finished talking about the work to come we moved on to what we spent the majority of the class on. Today we spent the time taking notes and digging into Dante's Inferno. All of the notes that we took came from a website about Dante's story. The website we looked at is at this site we went through the introduction until it lead us to the main page. On the main page you click the tree and that is where we started. You take notes on each of the stages/ circles of Hell. For example, for the tree page you go through each of the animals and take notes about what they are and how they are related to Hell. Then once you are finished will all of the tabs in that group, you then move to The Vestibule. This is the part that is starting the journey into Hell. For each circle you take notes on who lives there and what happens in that circle. You also have to take notes on the kind of punishment that occurs and know why a person in that circle deserved that punishment. You keep doing this till you reach the ninth level. In the ninth level is where the Devil is. You still need to take the same kind of notes in this circle and know why Dante sees it the way he does. We finished taking notes after we talked about the devil and that is when class ended.
 Thanks! ~Megan Lampard

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