Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday, January 17th 2014, Period 4

Friday, January 17th 2014, Period 4

Class began with Smith going over the homework for the weekend. The homework assignment is to complete another summary response, due Friday, January 24. This summary response will be in regards to movie clips, songs, and painting that we will look at in the classes to come. Each will be depictions of Hell. Detailed instructions on how to write a summary response, as well as the names of the directors of the movies can be found on Smith's webpage
The only other homework is to be working on your Last Lecture, due February 14th.

Some other notices: Smith provided computers for us to use to take notes on, and they will continue to be available to us. 

The rest of class time was spent watching clips from movies that we can use to write our summary responses on. Every movie showed a new depiction of Satan and Hell, and our task was to find continuing themes, and what stood out in each film. Some of the movies we watched were, Legend, Bedazzled, Devil's Advocate and "Hell on Earth 2006" South Park. In between each movie we discussed the things that we noticed. Some things we discussed included...
  • Different features/characteristics of Satan- horns, red in appearance, menacing, selfish, evil, conniving
  • The way hell is depicted- a place of sin, darkness, torture, sadness, where evil resides
  • That there is evil/darkness in all of us
  • Innocence is what maintains goodness in people
  • Selfishness leads to evil/ selflessness destroys evil
  • We ultimately choose our fates
  • Satan can appear as a friend, as someone who is helping, but in actual fact is bringing out the darkness in us
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