Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scribe Period 4: April 30th

Today was a PLC day so we had a shortened class period. We spent the whole period in the journalism room to work on our Manifesto. We learned some basics of how to use InDesign such as making text boxes, changing transparency, changing fonts and sizes, and how to rearrange our text. Everyone was told to save their manifesto in the documents section with their name as the title. You will probably need to go in the journalism room during an off hour to work on it before Friday. Friday will be the last day to work on it in class. It is due May 5th and needs to be printed off. The newspaper and yearbook staff will be in there to help you, feel free to ask questions if you need help! Make sure you also see Ms. Smith if you have any other questions. Homework for tonight is to read and annotate Chapters 15-16. Make sure you have all annotations done from the previous chapters since Ms. Smith will check them on Friday.

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