Saturday, April 12, 2014

Period 4, April 11th

We began this class period by revisiting the satire articles that we looked at in groups on Monday, and handed them into Smith. We spent the rest of the class period creating posters based on what we read in Chapters 1 and 2 of Brave New World. We had to get into groups of 2-3 and each choose a room that was described in the chapters we read, the seven rooms were:

  1. The Fertilizing Room
  2. The Bottling Room
  3. The Social Predestination Room
  4. The Embryo Store
  5. The Bokanovsky Process
  6. The Infant Nurseries and Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Room
  7. Dormitories 
We each received a green handout with detailed instructions of the assignment, but basically we had to draw the room we chose and describe it, labeling each stage in the process. We had to be sure nothing we depicted was offensive, and make sure everything was accurate, complete and visually appealing. The purpose of this was to get an idea of what the London hatchery is all about, and to see the process of standardization in the New World. We will be presenting the posters on Monday. This activity took us until the end of class.

  • Read Chapters 3-4 of Brave New World and annotate for connections to the essential question: to what extent does a creator have responsibility towards its creation; what what point does a creation assume responsibility for itself?, any questions you have, and extensions to other pieces
  • If you did not finish in class, finish off your poster and be ready to present on Monday
Have a good weekend! 

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