Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Period 1, Wednesday March 19

Today we began class and everyone came to the realization that we once again did not have donuts. Mrs. Smith had us get out our assignment notebooks and we wrote down the homework. (which is listed below) We then jumped right into the fishbowl over 17-20, which seemed to be lacking members. Nonetheless, it went very smoothly and we spent the rest of the hour live-blogging and having a fishbowl discussion over the ending of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Friday we will work on finishing up our portrait projects, however remember that it is a slightly short period due to the assembly, so take this into account.

For Friday:

  • Work more on your portrait- Add essential question connections (The entire thing is due the Monday we get back from Spring break, but try to get it done by Friday)
  • Keep working on LL2, Lasting Legacies (Due the Friday we get back from break)

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