Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Period 4, Wednesday March 19th

Class started off as normal where we all say hello to Smith and then she has us get our assignment notebooks out to write down our homework. We then got into an inner and outer circle for our last fishbowl on The Picture of Dorian Gray. We discussed and blogged about chapters seventeen through twenty (the end of the book). The discussion went smoothly and great questions were asked and talked about. If you need to make up the fishbowl, go to the blog discussion called Dorian Gray 17-end Period 4 and read through our live blog comments. Once you have done that email your comments to Smith to receive credit.

- Make up fishbowl if needed
- Respond to essential question and attach to self portrait(s). Smith recommends being completely done by Friday that way you have a homework free spring break. The final self portrait(s) is due the Monday after spring break, March 31st. 
- Work on LL part two, Lasting Legacy to Arapahoe. If you have not had a conference with Smith yet, make sure to do that as soon as possible!

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