Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday March 5, Period 4

               Mrs. Smith was gone today, so we did not begin class with the traditional hellos.  Instead, Ms. Davidson welcomed us into fourth hour!

               In the beginning of class, Ms. Davidson said that she was thankful she can substitute for us because she was anxious to see what we were doing with our projects.  After this brief talk about our projects, we talked about parent teacher conferences.  We were instructed to write a parent teacher conference letter (Click on the highlighted portion for the link).  We are writing the letters because Smith wants us to lead our conversations at conferences.  The letters give our conversations an outline to follow. 

               After we spent about 15 minutes writing the letter we changed our focus to our Dorian Gray projects.  Everyone went about their separate ways to work on attaching their objects of influence HOW OTHERS SEE IT.  We also attached explanations of those object to the back of our canvases.  Some people did not remember that the explanations for HOW OTHERS SEE those objects need to be written BY THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. 

Homework includes:
-        Finish reading Chapters 9-12
o   Fishbowl on these chapters on MONDAY
-        Work on Part 2 of Last Lecture: Lasting Legacy to AHS
-        Last Lecture Conference
-        Adding in People, Places and Things HOW OTHERS SEE IT
o   Explanations for those as well
             §  DUE MONDAY

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