Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday 2-21-14 Period 1

Hello everybody!

Here's our wonderful homework: For Monday, read and annotate The Picture of Dorian Gray chapters 1-2. Also, you need to bring in a canvas or other medium for your portrait and bring in two selfies: one of how you see yourself, the other is how society sees you (you may want multiple copies of each since we will be cutting them up on Monday). Think about how you can use color or the absence of color. Remember that you need to meet with Ms. Smith by the end of next week to talk about your Last Lecture!!

We got new seats today!
Then we checked in our Frankenstein books and checked out The Picture of Dorian Gray.
We received our papers from Frankenstein.
We also signed up for fishbowls for The Picture of Dorian Gray. Note: you must present and discuss at least once for each.

After all of this, we watched another SoulPancake video about Art Therapy.
As a class we assigned points to each section of our Self Portrait Final Project.

  1. Medium (Canvas) ---------- 10 pts
  2. 2 Selfies -------------------- 10 pts
  3. Cut it Up ------------------- 10 pts
  4. Explanation ----------------- 40 pts
  5. People, Places, Things (a) -- 50 pts (20 for items, 30 for explanation)
  6. People, Places, Things (b) -- 50 pts (20 for items, 30 for explanation)
  7. Vices and Virtues ----------- 20 pts
  8. Regrets --------------------- 20 pts
  9. Essential Question ---------- 40 pts
This is a grand total of 250 points for this project. It's a big deal!

Then we did a T/F activity about judging a book by it's cover.

To end class, we read the preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray and highlighted any epitaphs that stood out to us.

Have a great weekend!!

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