Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Feb 3, 2014 period 4

In the beginning of class we formed the desks together into a circle. Then we turned in the Two Gallants packet and discussed what we thought about the men in the story. Afterwards we started reading the story about Genesis and discussed about what we thought about it. Then Mrs. Smith started reading the Milton autobiography. Then we got into groups started reading the Milton's "Paradise Lost", but we didn't finish reading. We will continue reading on Monday.
 Remember!! Bring 5 questions on Wednesday for the fishbowl. Questions are based on what we have read the past week and we have to put it together into one question.  Readings: (Two gallants, Paradise Lost: Fall of Satan, Genesis, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, movies, songs, art)
HW: Milton packet, Fishbowl questions make 5!! & LL p.1

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