Friday, February 14, 2014

Today is Friday, February 14th. Today in Mrs. Smith's fourth hour English Literature class we began class by handing in our last lecture part 1 assignments that were due today. Once they were all turned in and everyone was in their seat, Mrs. Smith walked around class and handed out kisses to the students who completed the reading questions over chapters 10-13 of Frankenstein ;) (chocolate candies). For about the first twenty minutes of class we went over these questions as a class and discussed the answers. Once we went over all the questions we watched a video called Day of Gratitude and it was a very enjoyable video to say the least. When the video ended we used the remainder of class to read chapter 15. We finished chapter 15 with 15 minutes of class left and Smith gave us the choice of either reading chapter 16, or answer the following question which is homework for when we get back to class on Wednesday which is "Do you consider Frankenstein's creation to be more like Adam, or Satan? use specific evidence (quotes) to support your opinion." Also homework for Wednesday is to complete reading over chapter 16.

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