Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday February 12 period 1 Scribe Sam G

Today there were no donuts again (My fault) but there will be on Friday for valentines day.
We went over the homework which was to read chapters 10-13 in Frankenstein and answer 4 questions about those chapters. We also have our first part of our Last Lecture, childhood dreams due Friday. Here is a link to the homework and the questions for 10-13.

In class we got into small groups to discuss our sticky notes on the question: why does Frankenstein not tell us the secret to animating human flesh? that were due today from chapters 3-5. We then discussed these as a class. We then answered 7 questions on chapters 3-5 in our groups, (these questions can be found through either of the above links) and turned them in. We then discussed these questions as a class. Then Ms. Smith gave us a choice to either start reading chapters 10-13 or to get out laptops and work on our Last Lecture part 1's. That's what happened today.

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