Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24 Period 4

Today in class, the medium, your selfies (one how society sees you and the other how you see yourself), and the reading of chapters 1-2 of "The Picture of Dorian Grey" were due. We symbolically cut up our selfies and glued them to our posters and attached them to the posters. We also used class time to type up our selfie explanations

 -Come prepared for a Fishbowl on Wednesday over Chapters 1-4. If you are a presenter you will need a list of questions and a summary over the chapters read, printed out and ready to hand in. 
-Read Chapters 3-4 
-Meet with Smith for LL2
-In 3 paragraphs explain your selfies (typed). The first paragraph should explain your selfie on how you view yourself. The second paragraph should explain your selfie on how society views you. Some ideas to explain would be to discuss if your selfies are in color or black/white, if there is a size difference, if they are zoomed in on your face or if you are a part of the background etc.. Then the third and last paragraph should explain how you decided to cut up the selfies THIS IS DUE FRIDAY

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