Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday February 10 P.1

Happy Monday!!

First, our HOMEWORK is to finish your Last Lecture Part 1 for Friday. Also, read Frankenstein chapters 3-5 and answer the question: Why won't the narrator reveal the secret of animationg human flesh? Finally, if you missed Friday's Fishbowl or you have something to add, you can bring your 5 discussion questsions and talk to Ms. Smith tomorrow!

At the beginning of class we satched a short clip called Frankenstein: it's Alive to give us an idea of Dr. Frankenstein. The link is on today's agenda.

We broke into groups of four and each wrote on sticky notes what attributes of Shelley's life influenced her writing. The class determined that the 4 basic categories had a major influence:
  1. Her work (Frankenstein and the monster) represent the loved ones she lost
  2. Shelley repeatedly lost her children and had pregnancy issues
  3. She grew up without her birth mother, who died when she was born
  4. The role of the people and world around her (i.e. industry, her father's literary friends, rise of science, etc.)
Then we started reading Frankenstein and what we didn't finish is homework, ch. 3-5.

Have a great day!!

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