Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Period 4 Scribing- Jens Peaslee

Today began just as usual with Mrs. Smith saying hello to the class and the class replying.  Sadly, this Wednesday we had no snacks yet again.  But the class had to go on.

She then proceeded to give us our homework which consists of the First part of your Last Lecture being due on week from Friday, finishing your 5 Fishbowl questions, and a rare opportunity.  She gave the class an option to check out a Frankenstein book and read pages vii-xxii (7-22) of the introduction.  You can read it now, or do it for homework over the weekend, but if you do it now you won't have homework over the weekend.

She then had us split up into our groups that we were in on Monday to finish the "Fall of Satan" packet.  She told us that it would be due by the end of the hour, and then let us go to work.

At the end of class, almost everyone was working on the reading and most everyone had turned in the packet and was ready to leave.  Mrs. Smith sent us on our way saying, "Have a great day!"

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