Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, Feb 19 (Period 4)

  • Agenda
  • We discussed chapters 15 and 16 then split into two groups: those that thought the monster was more like Adam and those that thought he was more like Satan. Some points made were:
    • Adam: The monster was cast away like Adam. The monster was created from parts like Adam was created from dust, each the only one of his kind. The monster has aspects of kindness and the ability to love.
    • Satan: The monster murdered a child (sin). The monster held resentment and anger towards his creator like Satan.  The monster is ugly and beastly like Satan.
  • Then we discussed to what extent a creator bears for its responsibility, and whether or not Frankenstein was  responsible for the death of his child (via the monster's actions)
  • NOTE: We did not really take a quiz, we only answered these questions.
  • Mrs. Smith collected the questions from chapters 15 and 16 (assigned Friday)

  • Complete this Student Perception Survey (Link found on the Agenda) AFTER reading the letter (link also found on the Agenda): This is student feedback for Mrs. Smith--what you think of her and this class, it is anonymous so please be honest.
  • We talked about the next unit: The Picture of Dorian Gray and the project accompanying it (there will be no quizzes for this unit, only the portrait project)

    • Read background information on Oscar Wilde (author of The Picture of Dorian Gray), two links found on the Agenda
    • Set a conference date for your Last Lecture Part 1 and record in Mrs. Smith's planner.
      • Mrs. Smith's off hours: MWF: 6th hour.  TR: 1st, 4th, 6th hour
    • Obtain a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray over the weekend and read chapters 1 and 2 by Monday
    • Take two selfies: one that shows who you are and one that shows how others view you, and print them out big enough to fit on your canvas or poster, due Monday*
    • Purchase one or two canvases or posters by Monday*
      • *NOTE: If you are confused about these 2 homework items, please refer to the Self Portrait Project and if you are still confused, ask Mrs. Smith on Friday

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