Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

Today Mrs. Smith greeted us like always. “Hello class”
“Hello Mrs. Smith”
We began class by talking about the rubric for our last lecture speech, We briefly went over some of the information on the rubric.
  • Must dress up on day of your presentation. Guys: Suits and ties. Ladies: Skirts dresses, no plastic flip flops.

Email/ upload pictures for Wednesday to google drive that connect to all three parts of last lecture. These picture must connect and flow with presentation. We will have in class time to work Wednesday and Friday, Use your time wisely.
We also signed up for days to present if you were absent see Mrs. Smith to sign up for a day. Seniors will be going Monday and Wednesday of next week. Juniors will be going Friday.
Also everyones grades should be up to date by the end of this week so check and make sure everything is in.

We then started our discussion to finish up A Brave New World:
Key points in the discussion….

* Why did Huxley decide to kill John?
* WHy would John Whip himself?
* Human Sacrifice from John?
* What is freedom?
* In society today do you see robotic problems?? Do we move by bells and time?
* College prep in elementary school… Are younger generations maturing faster than others?
* Kids feel like they have to go to certain schools?
* Do parents give their kids advantages in school and sports?
* Is there a higher being?  Is there’s Ford?  
*When did John come to the relaxation of who he has become?
* What was the real experiment?

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