Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wednesday May 7

Today Mrs. Smith welcomed us as always.
"Hello class" "Hello Mrs.Smith"

Mrs. Smith started class off by showing a Ted talk called "Faking it" If you were not in class I strongly suggest you take the time to watch, pull some of those ideas out of her speech and use them to prepare for your speech. After watching, we talked as a class how none of us want to see any one fail while giving there presentation. We all have something important to say so we need to show respect and listen to one another. Smile in the audience show you are paying attention.

Also, remember that you must dress up on the day of your presentation, and have your visuals or what ever you are using for your speech shared on a jump drive or email to Mrs. Smith the day of your presentation.

We then just had a work day and got focused on our speech make sure you are practicing and ready to give a 5 minute speech on the day you go. Create and outline, note-card, whatever is going to work to prepare you to go next week.  Be confident and ready to go next week! Friday will also be another work day, bring in pictures or whatever you need to make it another productive day!!

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