Friday, May 9, 2014

Scribe Period Four 5/9/14

Today in class was a work day to finish up our speeches as some of us present starting Monday. We started off by collecting any Brand New World books or any other books that we still have. The presentation part of our speech has to be shared with Ms. Smith before we go so everyone can see it. We link the presentation to our name from the daily agenda on the class webpage. In the beginning of our speech we need an attention getter to start off such as a video or something that would engage the audience. To start off Smith told us that two pages of a non-double spaced paper would be five minutes as a starting point but could vary depending on how fast we talk and other things. Our speeches will be video taped and we are able to use or phone and have the Google Drive app up while we are presenting to prepare our selves as long we aren't reading straight from it as we will be docked points.

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