Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 6 English Literature Period: 4

Hello and congratulations because you have survived the first two weeks of school!

On Friday, we turned in the song assignment, which is where you picked out a song that best described you and annotated it to your hearts content. Then Smith took about ten minutes to describe the homework. 


-College Essay #2 about how do our beliefs and faith (either absent or present) define us? This essay needs to be typed, 1 and a half pages in length, proofread and tells a story. HINT: Your story (from start to finish) should be half of a page. The remaining page that you still need to write, will be Explaining your story and Connecting the reader to you. SHOW the reader do not just tell. Also, AVOID cliches, BE POSITIVE and know that your story is one worth telling and reading.

-Please read and annotate Life of Pi for chapters 16-27 as Smith will be checking them on Wednesday. 

 Then, after going over the homework, the class circled up and talked about the chapters that we had read and annotated for Friday. We discussed Pi's connection with animals, how humans are like animals and how humans are the most feared animals.  It was an interesting and intriguing conversation and I am sorry that you missed it....

For the remainder of the class period, we started reading chapter 16 and continued to read until the bell rang.

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