Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 5 English Literature Period 4- Jens Peaslee

·        We began the class with the usual introduction in which Mrs. Smith says, “Hello, everybody!”  Then we all responded, “Hello, Smith!”

·        We talked about the reading that was due for today, chapters 1-3.  We talked about the meaning of Chapter 2. We also chatted about why the author jumps from a fictional author to a fictional character.

·        We talked about what we know so far.  We know that he spent some time in a hospital.  We learned that someone named Richard Parker and how that person hurt Pi.  And we talked about how his name is significant to him.

·        We then watched a movie clip about Pi’s name.  The clip was from “Life of Pi” the movie.

·        After the clip we began reading Chapter four together. Mrs. Smith told us that she would read the first few paragraphs before handing over the reading to a student.  She then told us that she would go in between the rows and check our annotations once she was done reading aloud. 

·        While she was reading, we paused for a moment to talk about the significance of the date November 1, 1954.  This was in a time where Britain ruled India.  But more importantly, Gandhi was famous during this time. 

·        While Mrs. Smith read, we stumbled upon a line in the book that said the animals were “sexual deviants.” After she finished that line, she told us a story.  The story was about when she took her daughter to the zoo.  Her daughter was three and they were having a good time, until they got to the giraffe exhibit.  There, they happened to see two giraffes mating.  Mrs. Smith covered her daughter’s eyes and they walked on.

·        Homework: 
    • o   Song Assignment: Due Friday
      • §  Find a song that exemplifies who you are and who you want to be.
        • ·        Annotate, dissect, and examine the lyrics.  Show connections.
    • §  Read chapters 4 through 15.  

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