Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 4 English Lit - Colleen H.

Today, students turned in their name essays at the front desk. As we walked in the door, we were instructed to pick a card from the deck that Smith was holding. Based on the number of our card, we split up into groups and shared information about our names and essays to our group members.

After we discussed our names, we sat down and Smith began discussing the question that was written on the board: “Who are we?” We all brainstormed our ideas on this question and listed a few words. For example, we are people, we are creators, students, destroyers, kids, adults, families, thinkers, believers, the future, friends, consumers, producers, teachers, learners, lovers, old, young, creatures of habit, innovators, imaginers, optimists, and pessimists.

Then we asked, “What helps us compete to live?” and “What helps you survive?” Smith had us split into two groups based on our opinion of whether humans survive by fighting/barbarism or by our beliefs and faith. Each group had to list three main reasons as to why they thought humans survived the way they did. The belief group said that living by belief was a means of hope, change, and looking towards the future, whereas the barbarism group argued that humans naturally survive by survival of the fittest, and that beliefs are created to justify the fight.

Our “Why Read?” essays were returned. If needed, students checked out Pi books. We began reading the novel out loud, and we got through page 10.

For homework, we are to read and annotate chapters 1-3 of Pi by Wednesday. Smith really wants us to show depth in our thinking and annotations. We are to also complete the song assignment, in which each student is to find a song that exemplifies who they are and who they want to be. We are to annotate and dissect the lyrics of the song. (Due Friday)

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