Monday, September 16, 2013

Today we started off class with Mrs. Smith greeting us.: "Hello class" "Hello Smith."
We wrote down our homework for Wednesday: read chapters 67-78, and finish our "who are you?" essays. Ms. Smith handed back out "Reality Checks" and our cross roads essays.
We then had a good class discussion about Life of Pi.  We first talked about in the book it talks about how a person could get use to killing. Some people said we are going to get used to killing and we will adapt to what we are doping. Mrs. Smith then asked us if we would get used to killing and some peoples response were you won’t get used to killing you will still feel bad about what you are doing; you may not feel bad right when you are doing it but you will feel hurt and disappointment latter on. This leads back to when the hyena was eating to zebra Pi didn’t not feel bad for it in the moment but he did latter on. After we discussed what we had read the night before we read a passage on time. It is on pages 191-192. It talks about the dates Pi journey became and ended and how not keeping track of time for Pi was good. We all thought if pi were to have kept track of time he would have ended up going crazy. We also discussed how our lives are run by time and bells and how that is all we know. What would your life be if you didn’t have a schedule or routine every day?  We also read “To be or to not to be” by Shakespeare Hamlet. Below I have attached some of my annotations and the video we watched in class. After we watched the video then we discussed in groups how Hamlet relates to Life of Pi. We looked at the similarities in the fact that they are both dealing with life and death. At the end of class we got the chance to start reading individually.

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