Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today, we started off with the agenda as always, and then jumped right into a class discussion about chapter 92. We discussed whether or not the island was real. Was it just a way of Pi to subconsciously prolong his life? Or was the island actually there?After we finished out discussion, Smith began to talk about our in class essay taking place next Wednesday, October 2nd. The possible prompts are on the agenda here. You don't have to write about these prompts, you can good to Smith and ask her about writing about a different topic. She then explained the outline of our essay, which follows the prompts on her calender. She expects us to have two body paragraphs with three examples in each, as shown. You are allowed, and expected to, fill out the outline and print a copy and bring it in for the essay. We will be given an opportunity to plan in class on Monday.
H.W. : Read Chapter 93- Page 303 (381 in other version), Stop at "Here's another story."
           Bring your own laptop if possible on Monday and Wednesday next week for essay
           Be thinking about the essay topics

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