Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013

Today, Mr. Rosenberg was our substitute teacher!! He started the day with a hello and he put up the agenda for the day. 
  • Annotate, Finalize college essay: must meet with Mrs. Smith before submitting final essay. Sign up!
Afterwards, we discussed what we read on pg. 93-300. We also discussed why did R.P leaving cause Pi such distress, what was his final message, and why is it harder to believe than follow reason? 
  • Some people said when R.P left Pi, it caused Pi to have distress because R.P was the closest thing he had from the past and he did not want to lose him either. R.P and Pi have been through so much together and R.P did not even say goodbye or turn around to look at Pi for one last time. Pi felt alone. 
  • Then someone else said that Pi's final message was saying thank you to R.P for saving his life and surviving together. If it wasn't for R.P, Pi would be dead and never be able to survive the long journey without him. 
  • Another person said it was hard to believe the truth of the story other than over analyzing it.
After the discussion we all read together and finished the book. Then he had to chose what story was better and we chose, the story with animals.
-Grace Bernier

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