Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 4th Period 4

           Today Smith started class off by collecting our first college essay addressing the question, how do our beliefs and faith (either absent or present) define us? We then received back our annotated song lyrics with comments from Smith. Smith then introduced our homework to us which was to finish the reading from today (chapters 28 through 36) and to add a quote about the Power of Fear with a visual to the power point: .

            After we received our homework we then had to break up into small groups and talk about what we wrote in our belief essays. As a class we then discussed what everyone talked about in their small groups and how are beliefs do affect us when present or absent. Also, we discussed why Pi was interested in many different religions especially when they have different beliefs and why he took an interest in religion when he never grew up in a religious household. When our discussion was over Smith gave us free time to work on the reading or the Power of Fear assignment up to the bell.

           That was our day and hope your day was good!


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