Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wedensday September 17, 2013

Today we started class like always Mrs. Smith greeting us “Hello class” and we responded “Hi Mrs. Smith” Afterwards we turned in our “Who we are” essays to the front desk and wrote down our homework. We have the following chapters to read by Friday. Chapter 78-86, as always continue annotating and asking question. From there we had a discussion on how we will be picking one of our three essays we have written to finalize with Mrs. Smith sometime next week coming in on our own time. This essay will then be for some major points so pick wisely. We briefly touched on how we will have an in class essay next week and Mrs. Smith has put up an outline for those of us who like to get a jump start on ideas and be well prepared. From then on, in class we got into groups that we wanted to work with to come up with compassion and differences of who we are, and what makes up who we are. From finding quotes from the book, to drawing symbols, and getting main words that describe who we are onto the poster paper. You can now find the posters around the room if you need clarification on how we went about this assignment. Even though today was kind of a laid back day there are a lot of things coming up next week that are worth pretty big points. I would make sure you are caught up on everything and prepare yourself for a success week.

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