Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9 2013

  • In the beginning of class we wrote down our homework in our planners. 
  • HOMEWORK: read chapters 46-51, and crossroads essay: 1 1/2 pages describe a crossroads you have faced in your life? How did it shape you? define you? 
  • Afterwards, Mrs. Smith showed our hopes power point that was assigned to us last Friday. Every student who did the power point explained why they chose the quote and what it meant to them. Then, we watched parts of the movie "Life of Pi". We ended the movie at the part where the hyena was eating the zebra. 
  • After the movie, Mrs. Smith had us discussed about hope and fear.
  • Finally, we took turns reading a paragraph of chapter 46.
  • All homework is due Wednesday!!!!!!!

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