Friday, September 20, 2013

Class Scribe 9/20/13

Today we began class like every other day, saying, "Hello Smith!" We first received our Who You Are essays. We went over our next homework assignment which is reading and annotating chapters 86-91. We will also need to finalize one of the written college essays  for Monday and schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Smith between now and October 4th. If anyone is planning to work ahead, Life of Pi essay formats are also available on Mrs. Smith web page for week six.

After discussing homework assignments, we began a discussion of chapters 79-86, and Mrs. Smith asked the question, "How has Pi changed and evolved throughout the story?" After concluding that Pi has gone against his morals and his beliefs for survival, and has lost fear for Richard Parker and other dangers, we began discussing the difference between hope and desperation. As a class we decided that desperation is unending, no matter the situation, and that Pi has difficulty letting go the idea that his family is alive because of the fear that they will be lost forever.

Finally, for the rest of the class period, we circled up and read chapters 86-91 and completed the chapters for Monday.

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